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Music is Life

In this new era, options vary depending on what instrument one is comfortable working with. Music is an art and one’s ear has its demand. Technology did not stop in just improving the musical instruments itself. It is a genius who programmed software to write music and create print-quality pieces without difficulty. One of which is Sibelius First. It is a software that lets one write, play, and share music.

Music is part of everyday life. More often than not, it is being associated to experiences in the past, the present and future. For some, it is what keeps them going. And for some others, it is a way of communicating the feelings buried deep down, to which they forbid themselves in showing it any other way.

Songs are expressions synchronized with melody. With the proper note, rest and half rest, it could make or break a symphony. These are words given life by tunes. The composition is usually from the mind of a painful past or the heart of a promising future. The arrangement may blend in beautifully with a golden voice.

Write Away

Sibelius First has a friendly graphical user interface that lets users write music with ease. They can start composing music without difficulty, like knowing the back of one’s hand. Magnetic Layout, one of its features, is in charge of the details. It simply means that one can weave quality music comfortably. Friendly did mean something for the software has its how-to and help content to bring out that musician spirit.


Like proofreading an article, one can also listen to how well they have done with their composition. They can utilize a number of sampled instrument sounds. Not only that, they can also use their own virtual instruments or add in special sound effects. The software also has the Ideas Library and Score Starter to awaken the creativity in oneself. This will serve as a push to do something from the heart.


Fun social networking site developers have SHARE put in their pages. Uploading a composition would be a good and fun way to update ones profiles. This will also be a way for improvement. Ones friends can comment on ones work and are able to give constructive criticisms. On the next piece one would be able to determine what would be better based on their previous compositions.

Sibelius First has a number of features to look out for in other musical software. With this software, one can upload text – titles, lyrics, etc -, and graphics. Add those chord symbols and scan printed sheet music. Jump-start composer skill by listening to a part of one’s composition with the help of sound library.  Plug that guitar to add guitar fret board diagrams.

There are a lot more features to discover in this software. Uncover that composer concealed somewhere. Don’t hold back. Let the silent poetry mocking ones notebook’s bare façade push one into writing those bad feelings off for it to go away. Nurse love in ones heart and be surprised with the sweet words worth synchronizing with the smooth tunes. Write and be heard.

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