Sibelius 2018

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What's New in Sibelius 2018

  • Make multiple text changes simultaneously
  • Add comments directly on a score
  • Supercharge your workflow
  • Share and promote your work to the community
  • Expand your Cloud Sharing storage

Sibelius 7

Sibelius 7 Description

Sibelius 7 provides a wide range of features for creating music. Its subscription trial is available for download. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

Sibelius 7 enables the user to write music with its Magnetic Layout and Dynamic Parts features. Magnetic Layout provides the writing of scores with ample amount of space capacity to avoid conflicts. It positions the items perfectly to save time and effort. It can also be turned off. Dynamic Parts feature is capable of removing instrumental parts without the worry of corrections. It immediately revises the corrections being made to avoid potential errors. It also permits the ease of instrument modification.

Sibelius 7 is capable of running on Mac and Windows. Compatible Windows operating systems are Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Vista SP2 with an included Platform Update Pack. Its minimum RAM capability is approximately 1 gigabyte. Its required minimum hard drive capacity is approximately 750 megabytes. Supported Mac operating systems are Mac OS X 10.6.7 and Mac OS X 10.7. A minimum of approximately 1 gigabyte of RAM capacity is required. Its required minimum hard disk capacity is approximately 750 megabytes.  A DVD ROM is also required.

The required type of CPU for Sibelius 7 Sounds Library is Intel Core 2 DUO or higher. Its required capacity of available hard drive space is approximately 40 gigabytes. Its required minimum speed of hard drive is approximately 7200 revolutions per minute. Its required minimum RAM capacity is approximately 4 gigabytes. Sibelius 7 Sounds Library can be used even if the computer is not able to meet the suggested system requirements. It will only consume time for loading the audio information. It will also prohibit the use of sounds at the same time.

Sibelius 7 is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit processors. It is available for subscription trial for 30 days. The languages available for subscription trial are Simplified Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and English.

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