Serif WebPlus X5

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Serif WebPlus X5 to make website with ease

Serif Webplus X5 helps the user to create a website with lots of ease than anybody can even think of. There are many people who are willing to have their own website but creating your own website can be a very difficult job and at the same time, it can be expensive too. If a non-technical person wants to have their own website then they need to buy hosting service, code the website, design the website and after all these things, once the website is ready for usage, the owner of the website needs to optimize it as per the search engine and hence, many doesn’t prefer to have their own website. Serif WebPlus X5 will solve all these problems easily.

Features of Serif WebPlus X5

There are many features of Serif WebPlus X5 that will attract a person who is planning to create their own website; few of the features are discussed below: –

1. Website design – There are already many web design templates readily loaded in Serif WebPlus X5 so the user can readily use the template and there are different designs of template for all different types of websites. If a person is willing to make some changes in the existing template then they can easily make the changes by just dragging and dropping the thing on the readymade template.

2. Hosting – once the user have completely designed their website, Serif WebPlus X5 helps the user with free web hosting for 6 months. Along with the web hosting, the person also gets 250 MB space, 2GB bandwidth and a personalized email address for free of cost.

3. E-commerce – Shopping online has become a must in today’s world and Serif WebPlus X5 helps the owner of the website to set an online store and the shoppers need not worry regarding the security as Serif WebPlus X5 has made tie-ups with some trustworthy shopping carts like that of Paypal, RomanCart and Mal.

4. SEO – Google Analytics is added by Serif WebPlus X5 and due to Google Analytics, reports are generated which states the web page that is being viewed extensively and the web pages that needs to be improved.

Additional features of Serif WebPlus X5

The above mentioned features have been improved and few more new features have been added to Serif WebPlus X5 and they are as follows: –

  1. Button Studio – A separate session called button studio has been added in Serif WebPlus X5 and thus, button studio allows the user to choose various types of button and navigation bar.
  2. Popup light boxes – Serif WebPlus X5 has popup light boxes; with the help of this the user can click on any image of the website and the image can be viewed in full size in a popup window.
  3. Google Maps – Serif WebPlus X5 allows the visitor to directly see the road in which the organization is located. This is considered to be the best for small organizations.

Serif WebPlus X5 is considered to be better, than Serif WebPlus X4, in terms of speed, design and color and hence, many users are upgrading their website.