Serif PagePlus X6

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Professional Desktop Publishing

In need to make great and professional publications, but you don’t want to pay money to hire a design company. In need powerful and flexible software, but you also don’t want to cover the big expenses for purchasing a high-priced software package. Well, a solution is PagePlus X6. PagePlus X6 can meet most your requirements, especially, you can get this software cheaper with current promo (if available).

PagePlus X6 is a good desktop publishing software that allows you to make promotional materials, edit PDF files, publish eBooks for iPad and Kindle, and create interactive media brochures. By using PagePlus X6, result of your work is like made by professionals.

When starting your work, you have two options to choose to begin with. The first option is using available agency-quality templates. The other option is making your creative documents and stationery that your desire from scratch. You can use editing tools of dedicated design studios in PagePlus X6 to design logo and edit pictures. A professional product can be easily made by just dragging and dropping pictures and text into Theme Layouts. When your work is done, you can choose to print it out on your own, or print it professionally with PagePlus X6‘s print press compatibility. You can also easily to share document files online by email or uploading to the internet. PagePlus X6 also has ability to work as a PDF editor. It can open, edit, save PDFs and share PDF files on the internet with other people .

Serif PagePlus X6 Features

  • Create professional desktop publishing
  • Publish eBooks for reading on iPad, Kindle, other eBook-reader and smartphones
  • Use agency-quality templates to start designing quickly and easily
  • Drag and drop photos and text into layouts added in PagePlus
  • Print yourself, or send to professionals for printing, with print press compatibility.
  • Open, edit, save and share PDF files


“…the built in PDF creation and editing features in PagePlus are worth the asking price of the software on its own. The fact that it is such capable desktop publishing software as well makes it amazing value.” – Software Latest, April 2011

“For many people, PagePlus can replace several software packages, thanks to built-in photo editing and tools like the Logo Studio.” – PC Plus, March 2011

“…the program has built up huge power over its long history, especially in terms of dedicated workspaces for story editing, logo design, photo handling, cut-out creation, book production and even basic 3D.” – PC Pro

“The software supports nearly every imaginable output option, including four color separations, press-ready PDFs, double-sided printing, and Web publishing.” –

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