Serif PagePlus Essentials

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Serif PagePlus Essentials

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Serif PagePlus Essentials to innovate designs

Serif PagePlus Essentials offers a funniest, fastest and simplest option to innovate sophisticated designs that are truly unique.  It is an efficient publisher of desktop. One can desirably create beautiful greeting cards, invitations, labels and stickers, newsletter, homework projects, calendars, stationery, resumes and many more exciting creations. Serif PagePlus Essentials is integrated with all the processing of word, designs of graphics, tools of layout and templates one need to make stunning cards, flyers, signs, etc.

Serif PagePlus Essentials involves the simple process of dragging and dropping. This instant tool can assist user to go from a page that is purely blank to a page that optimally looks professional. This enigmatic tool is enriched with assistances to make a dynamic layout of page. Besides, it has a single click color and font selector, instant access to read tutorials via easy watching of videos in addition to online forums of users and the associated base of knowledge and an onscreen assistance as and when user needs it without interrupting his or her workflow. There is even a screen layout which is purely customizable. There is absolutely no headache of publishing for a user. He or she can easily produce multipage foldable designs on regular basis. There are even double sided prints available on the regular printers.

Serif PagePlus Essentials is an astonishing design that is ready to be used. It makes ones documents look amazing prior to their customization. A user can add his or her desired texts as well as pictures and evolve one the greatest looking projects. This efficient tool can be used in three simple steps: Creating – user has to initiate with a desired template, Editing - user can do simple editing with tools that are intuitive and Sharing – user can share or print in an enigmatic format. A user can have sunning effects with a glittering metallic headline and logo or any other style that is his or her favorite. He or she can access the artwork gallery and enhance his or her design by drag and drop any of the beautiful symbols, animals, picture frames and silhouettes. Serif PagePlus Essentials is a total fun package where one can edit photos and save or share them as PDF. This package includes a design creation with assistance of log studio where one can make use of remarkable tools of drawings, a powerful processing of word where the rate of word formatting is unsurpassed and a complete freedom of layout. The many features that a user can carryout are as follows:

  • Accessing Photolab with innumerable effects and adjustments
  • Removing blemishes with a immobile red eye
  • Eliminating backgrounds quickly with help of studio of image cutout
  • Applying effects to desired sections of photos
  • Cropping, re-coloring and resizing
  • Sharing designs with any user of computer
  • High compatibility with Acrobat and Adobe Reader
  • Protecting PDF via a password
  • Choosing a level of zoom to avail a memorable impression

Serif PagePlus Essentials is truly an exceptional tool that helps a user to evolve an optimal design that is professional look wise and generates ethnic essentialities to your prime presentations.

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