Serif MoviePlus X6

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Serif Movie Plus X6

Video editing using Serif MoviePlus X6 tools

Have a number of video editing tools in your PC but no one is providing professional like quality? Well, did you try Serif MoviePlus X6 software? Serif MoviePlus X5 is very good video software which is very easy to use and is rich with a number of tools which could give your ordinary videos a tint of professionalism.

Serif MoviePlus X6 lets you save all your important videos and clips into Blu ray disks in HD formats. Your personal videos such that of your marriage or of the first birthday of your child will be preserved forever in HD quality and you could cherish all those moments later as you grow old.

Serif MoviePlus X6 enables you to copy and save the AVCHD videos to common DVDs. This saves you a lot of money which you could have otherwise wasted in buying disks for making HD quality movies and videos.

Serif MoviePlus X6 is specially designed to help you make the exact quality of the videos you want. You can convert any video to a normal quality, mediocre quality or high quality video at the action of a click. When you will use Serif MoviePlus X6 you will realize how easy it is to convert videos with the software.

You can also make professional or commercial like disc menus with the help of the Serif MoviePlus X6 tools. The ordinary video editing software has gaudy disk menu backgrounds and they mar your favorite DVDs. However, with Serif MoviePlus X6 you have custom tools and options to design the DVD menus.

When we record the videos in dim lights and with average camera then the video is degraded with poor graphics and background noise. With Serif MoviePlus X6 you can eliminate the background noises and improve the quality of the videos.

The user interface of Serif MoviePlus X6 is very user friendly and there are a number of video editing tools for you. With the help of these tools you can tweak your favorite videos very easily.

Other great benefits of using the Serif MoviePlus X6 are:

  • Easy editing: There are a number of options for the trimming and cutting of videos. You can edit the videos by removing the unwanted scenes and stretching the required scenes at the action of clicks.
  • Easy searching: You can easily find out the required tracks and clips with the filtering options. There are also some quick media options which help you find the required media in a jiff. With these tools you won’t be wasting any time in finding the media.
  • Customizable shortcuts: For your easiness the Serif MoviePlus X5 allows you to make custom shortcuts. You can put all the frequently used shortcuts in the interface so that you can edit the videos very quickly.
  • Faster response time: Most of the video editing software in the market consume a lot of time when adding a new clip or removing a portion of the clip. Serif MoviePlus X5 makes sure that what you want with the clip is done at the earnest.

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