Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition

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Serif Craft Artist Platinum Edition

Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition software to solve printing needs

Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition is one such software which could solve all your home printing needs. In the software you will get a wide range of templates and tools for printing scrapbooks and greeting cards. The interface of Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition is very user friendly and you will also get very realistic tools like brushes and scissors etc.

Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition pack comes as a 5 disc pack which contain a number of tools and programs to make the printing and editing very easy and comfortable.

Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition comes with a cutout studio software with the help of which you can cut any item and remove it from background and paste it into another background. With this feature you can make magical effects in the images taken by pasting your cutting onto abstract backgrounds.

Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition has many simple to use tools which could fix general photo properties in the blink of an eye. You can remove acne spots or blemishes from the faces of the images with the help of spot repair tool. This is why you will get the perfectly edited images every time.

Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition has a red eye remover tool which can fix the inevitable error of red eye. The red eye problem can ruin any pretty photo but with the help of Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition you can fix it very easily.

Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition enables to add certain special effects to the photos. These magical effects include converting the photos into black&white version, sepia, radial blur etc. With these effects you can give the ordinary photos a timeless and professional look.

There are many craft tools included in the pack such as stencils, creative text etc. Apart from all these tools there are 4 other type of software and tools in 4 different disks in the pack. These are:

  • Baby photos: Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition’s Baby Photos software and told helps you to edit and develop quality photos. You can make personalized photobooks and images which you could share with your family and friends.
  • Wedding day: This tool included in Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition pack comes with a number of tools to make custom menus and place cards. There are a number of additional options and tools which halep you to make unique menu cards and all the marriage related printing works.
  • Greeting cards: Who needs to buy the greeting cards when you can actually make those greeting cards right at your home only? With the Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition’s Greeting card software you can add any specific design and fonts for the greeting cards. There are also a number of pre made templates in the software. Thus, you will be also saving a lot of time in designing the cards for different occasions.
  • Scrapbooks: Serif CraftArtist Platinum Edition’s Scrapbook software come with this scrapbook software disc in which you will find the perfect tools to capture the memories in a creative way in a scrapbook.

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