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  • Desktop Publishing - Serif PagePlus

Serif PagePlus is considered as one of the high quality desktop publisher software available. It allows you to make professional advertising or sophisticated print design. Serif PagePlus help you work easily and quickly to  make flyers to forms, menus to magazines, brochures to books. Serif PagePlus is well received by journalists, tech bloggers and its users, such as PC Plus, PC Pro, Micro Mart, and many other press.

Amazon Deal US Serif Software PagePlus X9 US Serif Software PagePlus X9
Sale Price: $24.99
Amazon Deal Serif PagePlus X6 Serif PagePlus X6
Sale Price: $29.99

  • Web Design - Serif WebPlus

WebPlus is one among the high quality website design software for small businesses, organizations and home users. No knowledge of HTML is required to be able to use this software. What you need to do is simple, just drag-and-drop. With an intuitive interface and powerful tools, doing website's design is easier with the help of Serif WebPlus X5. Try it out to see how effective Webplus is.

Amazon Deal US Serif Software WebPlus X8 US Serif Software WebPlus X8
Sale Price: $99.95
Amazon Deal Serif WebPlus X6 Serif WebPlus X6
Sale Price: $14.99

  • Photo Editing - Serif PhotoPlus

With PhotosPlus you can do editing, enhancing, and organizing your entire image collection. Serif PhotoPlus is developed to do photo editing, even advanced tasks such as editing RAW files and HDR imaging. With common editing tasks like fixing like removing red eye and cropping can be easy to be done.

Amazon Deal US Serif Software PhotoPlus X8 US Serif Software PhotoPlus X8
Sale Price: $24.99
Amazon Deal PhotoPlus X6 PhotoPlus X6
Sale Price: $55.98

  • Drawing & Graphics - Serif DrawPlus

DrawPlus is the powerful and flexible designer software that give you good support in working with beautiful artwork and graphics easily. With simple-to-use tools, DrawPlus give you everything to design logos and documents for print, create appealing web graphics and banners, paint and sketch. And you can edit and enhance your photos. Some exciting features like turning photos into artwork or animations is easy to be done. And you can save your output file at high quality and at any size.

  • Movie Editing - Serif MoviePlus

MoviePlus is the effective digital video editing software. It comes along with simple-to-use tools and many good effects like is used in studio. Something MoviePlus can do is:

- Producing movies in professional manner.

- Burning to a DVD or Blu-ray Disc

- Uploading to the internet to share with friends, family or the world.

Amazon Deal Serif MoviePlus X6 Serif MoviePlus X6
Amazon Deal Serif MoviePlus X6 [Download] Serif MoviePlus X6 [Download]
List Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $48.03
Discount: $31.96 (40%)

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  • Digital Crafts - Serif CraftArtist Platinum

With templates and graphics for all types of projects and necessary tools, Serif CraftArtist Platinum helps you make print projects at home professionally with ease, from photobooks, invitations to gift bags, greeting cards and scrapbooks.

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