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Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 Discount Coupon Code

Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 – Small Business Accounting Software

Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 – Small Business Accounting Software

Easy-to-use desktop accounting software

Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021 is a user-friendly complete desktop accounting software, designed to help you manage your business easily. You save money and time with our apps. Our solutions keep the data secure and in compliance with the principles of business accounting. And we help you along the way with our support and services.

For over 38 years, Sage has represented and assisted small companies, formerly Peachtree Accounting. We take care of your business’s success and provide solutions to create and run your company comfortably and easily.

Revenue and Expenses: To understand and manage your cash flow keep track of your revenue and expenses. Organize your financial data to get a precise view of the performance of your business.

Inventory: Optimize your business by using inventory management tools that allow you to manage inventory by cost, item, and number. Know how your company makes the right decisions in inventory.

Purchase Orders: Create and document purchase orders easily, so you can track all products purchased and prepare for the costs.

Pay Bills: Pay bills quickly to keep up with the finances of your business.

Invoicing: Easily invoice the customer. Follow your accounts for payment tracking.

Job Cost: Track project expenses, including labor, supplies, and overhead, at the work level, to determine a job’s profitability. Make the best business choices based on the details you need to know.

Support: You and your business are supported by Sage. You are supported for one year when you buy your software. Take advantage of the questions or resources that you need.

Articles about the previous versions of Sage 50 Pro Accounting

Sage Peachtree Pro is now Sage 50 Pro Accounting

Accounting Made Easywith Sage Peachtree Pro

Sage Peachtree Pro is accounting software designed to aid an average person with accounting needs and with tools integrated with the software, managing the financial side of business becomes easy with a few quick steps to follow.

Sage Peachtree Pro softwarecovers the basic in management and accounting tools such as: accounts receivables, accounts payable, Sage Integration, automatic back up,  Cash flow management,  Bank Reconciliation, customizable reports,  copy transactions, forms,  Sage advisor, data entry made easier, expanded payroll fields, payroll solutions,  email alerts, reports, integration with MS Word and Excel, financial statements,  Internal accounting review, job status indicators,  Inventory, password security and Sage business analytic.

Sage Peachtree Pro allows you efficient accounting practices with the following features:

  • Internal accounting review feature that checks payment or transactions with incorrect ledger account entry.
  • Cash Flow manager assess and forecast receipts and payments and verifies if you have enough cash balance for pending obligations

Peachtree Pro also provides efficient management tools such as:

  • Prepare or deposit paychecks
  • Run payroll all by yourself or get the help of Sage
  • Fill up and File Tax forms

Peachtree Pro need a minimum system requirement of  1Ghz Pentium III and 512 MB for single users; requires Word, Outlook and Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010, 9.0 for Adobe ® and MS Windows Xp, Vista or 7 for printers. Software is compatible and certified to meet the security standards of PCI-DSS for clients who choose to settle payments through Sage. For online features, a minimum speed of at least 56 kbps is required.

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