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Robust Platform RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net For Powerful File Conversion

Converting HTML and XHTML documents is easier with the power-packed RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net assembly.  This class library has the capability to export RTF files to plain HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01 with CSS, HTML 5, and XHTML 1.01 files.  100% managed in C# library, this standalone component is able to support the conversion of full text formatting, image formats, table renditions, hyperlinks and anchors, right to left text direction, special characters, and unicodes among others.  Accurate and reliable conversion is offered by the RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net component that thoroughly reads in between files and strings as well as bytes and memory streams.

The RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net assembly does not require anything else other than at least a .Net 1.1 working platform.  Even Microsoft Office or any other software is not necessary to run the RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net conversion component.  At less than 500kb size, this stand alone component already comes packed with an RTF parser and HTML writer.  Text and images in RTF files are extracted by the RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net assembly and saved onto separate physical files in HTML format using the algorithm base64.  Different HTML formats may be specified by the developer in converting using the RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net assembly with or without the use of CSS. All HTML outputs resulting from RTF-to-HTML DLL.Net implementation is compliant with W3C standards and is tested using the W3C Markup validation service.

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