Rosetta Stone French

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Rosetta Stone French

There are people who rarely think about the Rosetta Stone French software. Majority of them do not even know what it is or what it is capable of. Well, if they are faced with a predicament that will require them to learn French, then the software will come in handy because that is what the software is all about.

These different scenarios will make anyone wish they had the Rosetta Stone French software:

  • Students who are required to take a language and they choose French.
  • Employees who have been promoted or are transferred to work in French speaking countries.
  • Tourists who visit French-speaking countries and need to understand the language for communication.
  • Those people who permanently move to French speaking countries.
  • Someone who marries a French-speaking person and wants to make communication easier.

Rosetta stone French learning software can be bought and downloaded via the internet or purchased as learning kits.

Different levels of the learning kit

Level 1- this is where you learn all the basics. If you want to know how to greet someone or even to ask for something then you should get this kit. There are scenarios where you will meet a French-speaking person and you will want to drop in a few French statements to make conversation. It is a survival kit especially for those who need to know how to converse in French at a fast rate. If you go shopping and you want to ask for something, the kit will teach you how to do that.

Level 1 and 2- this is where you learn how to communicate in French without mixing up any other languages. It is a conversational kit and it has many practice questions that aids in sharpening the French vocabulary obtained and help you remember all that you have learned.

Level 3- this is where you actually gain confidence in the language and converse more with people without being coaxed into talking. The exercises in this kit help build the confidence.

Level 4 and 5- final stages that are more thorough.

Point to note is that you can buy level one singly, there is an option of buying level 1 and 2, level 1, 2 and 3, level 1, 2, 3, and 4 or all the 5 levels. In each kit, there is a cd that you are supposed to install in your computer. This has audio lessons that help you know how to pronounce the French words.

Online learning kits

It is one of the easiest ways to use the Rosetta Stone French software. After it has already been bought and downloaded, the user can use whichever tool seems desirable. Sessions are saved to make learning easier. Good thing with the online version is that it is inclusive of all levels of learning. So there is no need to buy the first level, then later on get the second and progress to the final stages. In addition, as long as there is good internet connection, the learning process will not be interrupted at all.

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