Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013

Updated Quicken 2016 for Windows - In addition to managing multiple financial accounts in one location, customers can now see, track and pay all of their bills in one place. After users link their bills, Quicken automatically tracks due dates and amounts due, eliminating the need to log into multiple accounts to stay on top of their bills. Quicken users can easily pay bills using Quicken Bill Pay.

The Quicken Rental Property Manager brings together all your rental property accounts and personal accounts and puts them all in one place for easy management. This software will organize your credit card, online banking, 401(k), investing, and loan accounts. Quicken downloads information about your expenses and income from your brokerages, banks, and your other financial institutions so that you no longer have to manually enter transactions.

Quicken Rental Property Manager tracks the performance of all your rental properties. It shows the expenses of rental property management by property, so that you always know where to cut back and where the money is going. It also tracks the expenses and income for each property that you own. You can compare the loss and profit from your rental properties and see which units are most profitable.

For tax purposes, Quicken Rental Property Manager will automatically categorize your personal expenses and rental property expenses. A tax deduction summary allows you to see the status of your tax reduction throughout the year so that you can avoid April 15th surprises. Quicken also lets you export your tax data to TurboTax for a more accurate and faster tax preparation. Quicken Rental Property Manager also generates Schedule E reports for your rental properties. It can automatically export your Schedule E’s data to TurboTax and print a Schedule E report for your accountant.

The Quicken Rental Property Manager also allows you to instantly see who has or hasn’t paid the rent for the month. The Rent Center lets you record the rent collected, late fees, and partial payments. With a single click, you can find a tenant’s contact information such as security deposits, lease terms, and overall payment history. Quicken’s step-by-step guidance feature will help you get you set up in minutes.

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