Quicken Premier 2013

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Updated Quicken 2016: “We’re working harder and smarter than ever to delight customers,” said Eric Dunn, senior vice president and general manager of Quicken. “Quicken 2016 affirms our commitment to listening to our customers and helping them achieve financial success at every life stage. Our new features for Mac and Windows users help remove some of the complexity around managing and paying bills. Looking ahead, our goal is to add capability and enhancements to Quicken products that extend the ability for users to easily manage their money across devices.”

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The new Quicken Premier Financial Planning is the perfect tool to help you manage all your financial portfolio and financial investments. It brings all of your financial information together so you can manage and monitor it more easily and efficiently. By allowing you to work smarter, Quicken Premier will help you grow your finances. It brings all of your online accounts together so that you can see and access all of them in one place using a single password. The Guided Setup feature allows you to easily and quickly reach your financial goals. It automatically sets up your budget goals based on your spending history.

Using the Quicken Premier, you can create customized plans to reduce and eliminate your debt and save money for those dream items. With the new Quicken Premier, you will no longer be late for payments. You can set reminders to pay your bills and also check the status of your past bills. You can review all of your transactions easily and detect unusual account activity. Using the software, you can export data to TurboTax for a quicker and more accurate tax preparation. It also provides in minimizing taxes on capital gain and allows you to call up useful tax reduction reports. A useful investment dashboard will show the returns over time.

The Quicken Premier Financial Planning comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can get a complete refund if you’re not 100% satisfied within 60 days of the product’s purchase. Free and friendly phone support is available to help you with upgrading, installing, or purchasing the product. Quicken Premier imports data from other Quicken products installed on your computer. It also comes with basic investment tracking tools. Using Quicken Live Community, you can get assistance from Quicken users without exiting Quicken.