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Pixelmator Description

If you want to find a good image editing program, Pixelmator is one of your choices. Pixelmator is powerful for editing images. It is also simple to use as well as fast when working with editing pictures. As this software is for Mac OS, Pixelmator utilizes built-in iPhoto support and one-click access to iSight. As another popular software, Pixelmator has some good functions such as color management, editing photo with layer-based feature, filters and special effects.

Toolset you need to work with your images

Because of its great features, Pixlemator is considered as an effective tool for working with images. Including simple to use selection, painting, color correction and retouching tools, which help you to modify and improve your pictures. From putting text into your images, to analyzing the photo's colors, to cropping, to transforming, to rotating and move anything in your pictures. This software has everything an image editor software needs to produce top-notch photos.

Editing Image based on use of Layers

Using layer for editing is an essential feature of any popular and professional image editor software. It helps you to do any changes to pictures easily. From blending layers, to adding layer masks, to changing layer opacity. If you want to add more images, just drag and drop images to add more layers.

Color Correction can be done by using Pixlemator's Tools

Pixlemator has over 16 color correction tools available for you to do any corrections to your photos, like Levels, Curves and Auto Enhance. Therefore, what you want to do from changing brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, hue and other thing, can be done easier than before.

Many Filters and Special Effects available, over 130+

Choose filters and/or special effects you want, this software will apply chosen effects on images, so you can see results in real time. Apart from common filters which you usually find in another software such as blur, distort and sharpen; you can find many special and rare filters like kaleidoscope, comic-style halftones, title and thermal camera.

Add Text to Your Images

Adding text is simple to be done. Make a text layer and then use the type tool to enter your text, which will be put into your photos later.

Essential Tools: Select, Paint & Retouch

Built-in Photo Browser help you to search  your image in iPhoto Library, albums, events, Pictures folder and Smart Albums. Pixlemator also supports many Mac-only technologies, including ColorSync, Spotlight and Quick Look. Pixlemator has a great feature is Automator actions. With Automator actions help, you can do resize, enhance or convert a batch of pictures faster.

Popular File Formats Supported by Pixlemator

After finish image editing, you can save your output in 100+ formats; JPED, PNG, BMP, PDF, GIF, TIFF and PICT, just name a few. Adobe Photoshop files with layers is also supported by Pixlemator software

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