Pinnacle Studio 21 Plus

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Pinnacle Studio 21 Plus

Pinnacle Studio 21 Plus:

  • 1,800+ effects, titles and templates
  • 24-track HD and 3D editing
  • New User interface
  • New Split Screen video
  • New 3D title editor
  • New Wide angle lens correction

New Features:

  • Wide-angle lens correction
  • Split Screen video
  • Editing workspace
  • Save as template
  • Titles and overlays
  • User Interface to edit your way

Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus


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Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus
New Features
  • Motion Tracking
  • Easy Track Transparency
  • Stop Motion Animation
Enhanced Features
  • Live Screen Capture
  • Multi-Camera Video Editor
  • Easy controls for dynamic effects
  • Pinnacle MyDVD
Other Features
  • Audio Ducking
  • Advanced 3D features
  • Make movies in stereoscopic 3D
  • Enhance with 1,800+ effects, transitions and templates
  • Timeline Editing (24-tracks)
Pinnacle Plus Features 2D/3D effects, transitions, titles and templates SmartMovie automatic moviemaking Video Templates ScoreFitter music library Audio Ducking Number of video/audio tracks Storyboard and timeline editing Frame-accurate timeline editing Integrated media asset library, even correct and enhance media in the library Media asset rating, advanced tagging and collections Customizable keyboard shortcuts Keyframe-based effects Detach audio DVD authoring* Compatible with mobile app Export to popular devices Easy to share online Project packages for easy archive/restore Dolby Digital Native 64-bit architecture IntelĀ® Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration Support for VFR video from iPhone 6 and other cameras 3D MVC file format import Stereoscopic 3D import, export, depth control and editing Dual-monitor 3D support, "side by side" export

Pinnacle Studio 19.5 Plus

Pinnacle Studio 19.5 Plus

Editing and viewing footages from 4 cameras has never made easy (even possible) by application before Pinnacle Studio. As a video editing software, you can edit shots, add transitions, automatically align clips with its sound with Audio Syncing. Explore other animation functions using the enhanced Stop Motion Animation. Get the most out of the sounds of clips with Audio Ducking. You can also create 3d animation and video editing.

Basic photo video editing tools are also present like the shutter speed, focus, frame rate, which helps the user control the footage and make better videos and movies. A live screen capture and 24-track frame-accurate editing is also offered in this software.

You can play with almost 1,800 titles, transitions and templates which will surely go with any theme you can think of.

Easily share your HD or 3D movies on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo, on the latest devices, and enjoy an easy authoring experience with Pinnacle MyDVD.