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PDF or Portable Document Format files are currently the most stable form of documents that can be read on any machine. All of the files created from any Windows application can be turned into a PDF file and then read on any portable device. With the introduction of PDF converter applications, even files created from non-Windows based applications can be exported into PDF files. There are many benefits of having a PDF file. One of them is being able to upload them onto the internet as a page by page turning website. Essentially, this turns the web browser into a PDF reader complete with the animation of flipping pages. How can this be done? All it takes is the program known as PDF2PageTurn.

Brief Overview

            PDF2PageTurn is a converter application which converts PDF files into online documents with page turning animations. Since any file can be converted into a PDF file, the applications of this program are endless. The page turning applications can only be viewed using browsers which use HTML5. This program requires only four simple steps which can be done even without any programming experience whatsoever.

The Four Simple Steps

            Converting PDF files into online documents using PDF2PageTurn requires only four steps. First, the user needs to choose the PDF file to be converted. Second, the user needs to specify the title, keywords, and description of the online document. The keywords parameter should be filled out because it determines the possibility of the document to appear on search engine results. Third, the user indicates the website in which the document will be published. The user is given a free hosting of online documents on eCatalog.com. Fourth, the user adjusts the quality of the online document to fit the specifications of the website. The fourth step is entirely optional and can be left untouched.

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