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Simplifying File Conversion with PDF Metamorphosis Net

There is a uniqueness that comes with the PDF Metamorphosis.Net that differentiates it from the rest of the other HTML converters in the market.  Unlike other similar components available today, PDF Metamorphosis.Net is a fully independent component that makes use of C#.  It uses CSS to open and download HTML or XHTML files.  File contents including tags are read by the component for the HTML file to be converted into PDF file format inclusive of all page elements as font and text formatting, images, tables, and colors.  Developers only have to use two lines of code in order to deploy the PDF Metamorphosis.Net class library and consequently make available functions for successful file conversion.

This standalone component can run on .Net platforms 1.1 or higher and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit .Net application.  It was developed in pure C# managed library and supports various operating systems (OS) in which .Net frameworks could be installed.  Developers using Visual Basic, J#, and ASP.Net can take advantage of the simplified file conversion from HTML to PDF with PDF Metamorphosis.Net.  Remote HTML documents, images, nested tables, CSS styles, hyperlinks, and HTML tags are successfully converted in a PDF 1.4 output format that any PDF reader could read.  Developers would find it easy to use this component that only takes an insertion of a .dll code into any compatible application.

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