PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2012

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PC Tools Registry Mechanic 2012

Overview – What is PC Tools Registry Mechanic?

A slow computer may be a sign of a corrupted registry; let PC Tools Registry Mechanic find out and fix that for you.

Registry Mechanic is an all-in-one error-busting machine that keeps your computer clean of faults and performing at its best form. It serves as a toolbox wherein all necessary repair tools are stacked, ready to carry out their tasks when called out.

It was built this way to cater to the needs of computer users without extensive knowledge about the inner workings of a computer. Located at the helm of the administration panel is a one-click optimization button to wipe the PC off unwanted errors and restore it to a safe state. You may use the dashboard as a reference and to monitor all PC Tools operations in your computer.

To keep your internet browsing safe from the scrutinizing eyes of hackers, you should permanently delete all sensitive information pertaining to your activities on the net. Keep your history of visited web pages private at all times. As well, delete every critical data such as cookies, passwords, search history and chat logs after every browsing session.

Stop unauthorized people from freely roaming in on your hard drive and viewing temporarily or recently opened files; this is the scariest thing that could happen in computer networking. Bleach disks and safely delete data that could harm your reputation. When you need to sell your computer for any reason, you may use PC Tools Registry Mechanic’s high-level shredding techniques to confidently eradicate private information off your hard drive.

You may not be aware of it, but programs can clutter up your disk every time you use your computer or when those programs get launched in the background at startup. PC Tools Registry Mechanic can find and erase the programs you don’t use anymore to keep it from filling up useful space.

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