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PDF Converter is a software device made by the Nuance Communications Inc., which converts every PDF and XPS files into an edit capable Microsoft Office document. PDF Converter 7 is the only conversion software that converts PDF files with 100% accuracy. It is fast, easy to use and convenient software that converts the files compatibly without the user having to edit through the textboxes.

Unlike any other converting software, the PDF Converter features and is capable of a lot of things and is not grounded only to converting files. It can also be customized according to how the user wants the converted version appear. It can convert multiple PDF files into one office document or vice versa. PDF Converter can convert not just words and texts in a PDF file, but also graphs, picture templates, tables, charts, and all elements a document can have.

This also includes multiple conversions of different files without risking the quality of the converted ones. The converted file could still be available apart from its original version, plus, PDF Converter allows the users to share the converted files to anyone who the user wants to. Aside from that, the PDF Converter could convert files from selected parts of different documents into one without converting the whole document for the sake of only a small part. the software also has a special feature that lets the user to search even through the most hidden part of the document.

The PDF Converter can access and transform files to the latest editions of Microsoft (Microsoft 2010) and work in the latest version of Windows (Windows 7). It is very flexible and can be used to any versions and editions of Microsoft and Windows although it works best to the latest versions of Microsoft and Windows.

(PDF Converter 7)

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