Nuance OmniPage 18

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Nuance OmniPage 18 Description

OmniPage 18 is a tool used to convert printed documents into a soft print copy, which refers to the original printed copy in its digitized form. OmniPage 18 allows the user to have and store a soft copy of the original document. Unlike other tools that only keep a copy of the document as an image, Omni page allows you to highlight, edit and treat your documents as a printed material, only that, it appears in your screen.

Nuance Incorporated, the company developer of the Omni page and other softwares, offers us new features of the Omni page. From managing and storing files, OmniPage 18 is now available and convertible to PDF and other digital formats, it also possesses special features, making it convenient to edit, highlight and manage the document in hand. This new feature makes the tool very easy to use. Other features of the OmniPage 18 is that it has a “new friendly user interface”, and guide for beginners in its system so you would not have a hard time figuring out how to use the tool.

OmniPage 18 is also stress free. The new OmniPage 18 is now capable of multi-tasking, converting and scanning documents all at the same time without slowing down the process. This is what’s great in OmniPage 18. It works fast without harming the quality of the work. The fact that OmniPage 18 recognizes almost 130 languages is a plus factor for a wide range of people to have this tool.

OmniPage 18 is one of those tools people that are into researching, (such as teachers, students, archivists, researchers and others) must have. Compare to typing a whole document, making and buying another copy or printing it again and again, OmniPage 18 is way cheaper and easier to use.