Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 12

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 12, a speech recognition software mainly for aiding in legal activities and terms, lets users create documents and other files and control their PCs by voice, three times faster than typing. It is one of the four separate editions of the DNS 12, together with the Dragon Home 12, Dragon Premium 12, and the Dragon Professional 12. DNS 12 isthe seventeenth releases since June 1997. It is available in 12 languages, namely US English, UK English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese, which had only been available as of September 2012.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 12, you can save time and money, be more productive and work faster. It is faster as it has been designed to turn your talk into text with 99 per cent accuracy. It has been an easier and lighter PC access as you can simply speak your mind in creating content such as contracts, briefs, and court documents, capturing ideas, surfing the web, checking e-mails, playing games, and generally control your PC.

Along with the Home, Premium, and the Professional editions, Legal 12 was released in October 2012 and supports 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems.It is recommended in Windows 7 or 8, 64-bit and a minimally 8GB of RAM, although Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 12 and below would run in Windows XP.

The microphone you choose to use will also make a difference in overall accuracy and efficiency of the product. There are four kinds of microphones that can be used which are desktop, wireless, handheld, and wired headset. Whatever microphone you choose to use, it is important to ensure that it would suit your working style as well as your environment.

With Dragon Legal 12, not only will your files be guaranteed to be secure, but you can also help people with disabilities, and at the same time, potential employees, to be on the job because it is Section 508 certified, which means that government-mandated accessibility requirements can be met.

Although the unmistakable steep price of DNS 12, the investment is guaranteed to be worth it with all the advanced features that it contains.