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Nuance Dragon Naturallyspeaking Description:

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking is a modern technologically advanced speech recognition software package that was developed and distributed globally by Nuance Communications specifically for personal computers and tablets. Intermittently, the most up-to-date package is that of version 11.5; which specifically supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Hence, gave birth to the Mac Os version called Dragon Dictate.

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking is amazing because it makes use of a very interactive as well as minimalist user interface that anyone be comfortable with. This is very user-friendly; such as that when you dictate lengthy words, it immediately appears in the floating tooltip eventually as they are dictated (although there is an option of turning off this particular feature and it will not be displayed so as to make it faster in a speedy range), and the moment you stop talking, the program automatically starts to put the words into the active window display as well as on the cursor location (background noises cannot be detected or dictated by Dragon).

Here are the functions of this program:

  • Functionality Dictation
  • Command Input
  • Text-to-Speech

Furthermore, the user can also opt to have one’s speech transcribed and reinforced in written text which is basically the main feature of the software in line; it can purposively change any document into an audio stream or relevantly issue commands that are automatically recognized by the program in situ. More so, if you’re operating in a network environment, voice profiles can also be accessed through different lines of computers, but in both these machines or in tablets, the audio hardware or software in use as well as configuration must be the same. One can also make use of custom commands in order to customize control programs or other desired functions not built into NaturallySpeaking. These programs can be permitted on the professional version. This program, Dragon Dictate, is the wondrous brainchild of Drs. James and Janet Baker discovered way back in 1982; they epitomized the release of products and software specifically built on their voice-recognition model prototype.

Dragon Dictate is more widely known as discrete utterance speech recognition software because it’s particularly based on a trigram model specification prototype. Dragon systems proudly released NaturallySpeaking when they first continued the dictation product back in 1997. The company was then bought by Lernout & Hauspie in June 2000; unfortunately, this is a corporation that had been involved in financial scandals as reported by the New York Times; which proved to have brought negative publicity to the company.

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