Nuance Dragon for MAC 5.0

Nuance Dragon for MAC 5.0

Nuance Dragon for Mac

When you can have an application that will technically let you do things and be productive hands-free, would you type ever again?

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Most people can talk faster than they can type, this is the rationale behind Nuance Dragon, a software than enables you to dictate, edit and transcribe documents through speech anywhere and anytime. Dragon for Mac also lets you customize words for the terms you use every day, insert frequently-used text or graphics and create command short cuts for repetitive tasks, so you can complete documentation faster than ever before.

Nuance Dragon for Mac opens a new door and level of productivity, allowing you to multitask with your voice and your hands. Whether you are:

  • Creating or editing documents, spreadsheets or presentations;
  • sending emails;
  • filling out forms or;
  • simply looking to reduce typing stress

Dragon for Mac drives for the highest level of productivity, allowing tedious typing chores be done faster through voice recognition. Dictate and transcribe documents with a fully customizable experience that optimizes speed and accuracy.

Nuance Dragon for Mac allows you to transcribe voice memos from a smartphone or portable voice recorder, podcasts or audio files of any single speaker’s voice to text quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Transcribe from .mp3 aif, .aiff , .wav, .mp4, .m4a, .m4v.
  • Capture notes for accurate transcription
  • Transcribe audio file of any single speaker’s voice
  • Manage multiple sources for easy transition between personal dictation and other files

One update that is being developed and soon to be released is the released Dragon Anywhere mobile app for iOS or Android, which can be an innovative software on the go for day to day tasks that would integrate end voice productivity solution that helps you work smarter and faster wherever your job takes you.