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Backup Software for Home & Small Business, Office Environments Price
NovaBACKUP ProfessionalNovaBACKUP Professional 15 automatically backups and protects PC/laptop computer files.

$ 49.95 39.96 $9.99Save 20%
NovaBACKUP ServerNovaBACKUP Server 15 automatically backups and protects important Windows Server Files.

$ 199.95 159.96 $39.99 Save 20%
NovaBACKUP Business EssentialsNovaBACKUP 15 Business Essentials automatically backups Win Server w/SQL&Exchange files.

$ 299.95 239.96 $59.99 Save 20%

NovaBACKUP Products is a Friend in Need

People are doing almost everything over the computer. People are storing from photos to many confidential data in their computers. If you think about the corporate houses, then you will find that tons of confidential data is getting stored in the computer. You will never find any single file in any office, whereas there were tons of files are there in each office, few years before. Where are those files gone? The computers replaced those files. Now, the computers are storing the data instead of files.

Backup is a must Need

Now just think, if this much amount of confidential data is getting stored at any place, then one should think about the security of that place. Data can be stored securely in a computer, but anything could happen anything as the computer is a electronics product. If the hard disk of a computer gets corrupted then one may lose all the data. Then, what is the solution? No person could afford to lose all the data. It may be losses of millions of money at one go for a person. Then, what is the solution?

Nova has Solutions for you

Nova has an array of backup products. No matter how much confidential your data is, if you have the support of NovaBACKUP Products, then you can stay sure that you are not going to lose your data at any cost. No matter what is happening to the computer, you will be able to retrive the data and you would be able to retrieve all the data. NovaBACKUP Products are available for both PCs and laptops; so no matter what you are using, you could take the help of NovaBACKUP Products to protect your data. Nova is providing back up for the windows server; so if you are using windows server, then you can easily protect you data.

If you want the back up for a whole network, then you can also get the same. You can get the back up for small networks and at the same time, NOVA is providing back up support for the medium to large networks. So, you can easily protect the data stored by a whole network by using the back up products from Nova.

If you want the most advanced technology by your side, then the cloud will help you to get the same. You can take the support of the cloud back-up by using the NovaBACKUP Products. Cloud technology is the most advanced technology in the data storage space and the Nova will help you to store your data in public cloud. If you want more privacy, then you should go for the private cloud back up. In this case also, Nova will help you. Nova will help you to store your data in the private cloud server.

You need backup, no matter you are using PC or laptop and no matter you are using the computer for your personal use or professional use; so always go for the NovaBACKUP Products.