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norton one

Norton One

Protection for multiple devices, dedicated priority support and our expert virus removal service all in one

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Security is Top Priority with Norton One

In this age where technology development is at its peak, vulnerability to viruses and malwares poses a serious threat. In this light, different software manufacturers have been developing different types of software that intends to protect the computer and other gadgets from these external attacks. Norton, one of the leading computer security software manufacturers offers the Norton One to the general public.

Norton One is offered by the company that can cater to the virus protection needs of individuals and business. It is offered through membership subscription that includes access to the latest and most stringent virus protection software programs of Norton. These software programs include the Norton Internet Security 2012, Norton Mobile Security, Norton 360 Version 3.6 and Norton Mobile Security. It also comes with additional 25 gigabytes of online storage which are only exclusively available for personal computers.

The key feature of this software is its capability to cover virus protection for up to 5 different devices. May it be a personal computer, tablet or a smartphone, Norton One assures full security protection of these devices. This is a perfect option for families and organizations which need virus protection software for a number of devices. Another good thing about this service is that the users can choose what type of computer security program they want to utilize for their own device. Additional devices (in excess of the first five) that will be enrolled in the service will be charged accordingly.

Norton One gives the users the opportunity to easily organize the security option for these devices. A dashboard has been designed and included in the service that can be conveniently adjusted to match the user’s preferences.  They can effortlessly adjust security settings, include or remove devices, switch security software programs and renew membership. With all of these set in just one place, this software removes the hassle of learning and maintaining different security programs.

This software maintains the highest quality of software programs that Norton has provided to its users for the past years. The technology offered by Norton protects and secures these devices from identity theft, virus infections, malwares, phishing and data loss. Norton also assures the most up-to-date virus protection files that respond to the growing threat of viruses and worms from all over the world. The software programs ensure that the viruses can be detected even before they can enter and destroy any computer files.

This software offers an online technical support service that can respond to any virus or technical problem that the users experience. These computer experts can provide technical support for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. These can be accessed through the Web, voice calls or chat functionalities. This software also ensures priority access with only two-minute wait time for its members. Whatever kind of security problem that the users experience, the support system of Norton One will be certainly able to respond immediately.

Currently, computer security is a critical subject for individuals and businesses alike. They should never put their files at risk just because of ineffective security software. Summing all of the aforementioned features, the Norton One is absolutely the perfect choice for people who are looking for best security software in the market today.

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