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Symantec Norton Ghost Product Description

Afraid that you accidentally deleted the most important file you have in your computer? Worry no more! Symantec gives us the most reliable and complete backup system tool! Norton Ghost is a powerful system backup software that enables users to stop worrying from system errors.

Norton Ghost can automatically create a full back up file for your computer so you could easily recover files when little failures and serious system error happens. Norton Ghost is also very flexible, because with this tool, you can back up your files in any devices and storage you want, be it a CD, external drives, and others! It is very easy to operate, even beginners could handle it and is also customizable, and you can even arrange and select your files the way you want Norton Ghost to keep it.

Norton Ghost is very convenient to all types of users. It can adapt to your time since you can customize its schedule of when to make the backup and you can also choose the degree of how much and until when the backup will last. It is not a selective program that only stores files coming from one of your hard drives, rather, it makes back up files coming from your all of your hard drives even if it is in partition. Not only that, Norton Ghost allows you to secure your back up files by encrypting it— allowing you to put passwords to the stored files. You can also back up your files in a network connected hard drives or USBs with Norton Ghost.

Norton Ghost’s latest version, the Norton Ghost 10 gives its avid users new features that they will love. With Norton Ghost 10, you could now update the tool daily, weekly and even monthly of the new files you wanted to store. You could also explore and restore your past files with Norton Ghost 10 if your files have been deleted or changed, you could even restore the whole drive’s file!

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