Norton AntiTheft

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Norton Anti-Theft

Find your Lost Laptop with the Norton Anti-Theft

There are many software programs that can help you deal with your stolen laptop, such as  Norton Anti-Theft. This type of software programs is much needed today because most people would often store important and sometimes confidential files in their laptops or other similar gadgets. If you want to get the maximum amount of security for your gadget, having this software in your system can really be a lifesaver.

So, how does the Norton Anti-Theft work? This program, once installed, can be used to track down your missing laptop through the use of a WiFi connection and a GPS. You can go to this program’s website and you’d be able to find the location of your stolen gadget. If you want to have some hard piece of evidence, you would even have the ability to capture the image of your laptop’s thief by remotely using your stolen laptop’s webcam. However, the major downside of this is that the location provided may be inaccurate if your stolen laptop is not connected to any WiFi or GPS service.

Aside from finding out the location of your laptop, you can also remotely put your laptop in a lock down to prevent the thief from accessing your database. This would be useful especially if you decide to pursue the thief by yourself. However, this system can also be easily defeated by the thief if he can get access to the administrator account of your laptop. The thief  would be able easily disable or even uninstall the program itself.

All in all, this program is not perfect but is still very functional for everybody. It is quite easy to use, but you do not have much of an option when it comes to securing your database. The Norton Anti-Theft could still be better, but for some, it may be all they need for maximum protection.

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