Norman Antivirus 10

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Norman Antivirus 10

Keeping viruses out of your computer will spell life or death for many. It is no secret that laptops and other computing devices contain some of our most important information and other files especially if you do most of your work on them.

Norman Antivirus is effective against viruses and other destructive software like malware, spyware, Trojan and rootkits. This antivirus software utilizes a proactive technology that is made up of the Norman Sandbox, Exploit Detection, and DNA matching, among other protective features.

Both Norman Antivirus and Antispyware are known for their protective screensaver, a feature that allows scans even if your computer is idle. This is possible only when the screensaver remains active. This antivirus solution mainly works by detecting attempts of hacking and zero-day outbreaks. The software is capable of checking different kinds of files that are susceptible to hacking. These include Microsoft Office and PDF files. Once suspect files are identified, they are isolated and sent to a ‘sandbox’ where it will stay until they are determined to be dangerous or not. While these suspicious data are isolated, the software copies the operating system which will allow the virus to unknowingly show itself.

Users will most likely notice one disadvantage of the antivirus application regarding its use of system resources. Even though it has less features compared to other brands, Norman Antivirus consumes a lot of system resources especially RAM. Because of this, installation and registration of the software takes too long. It also lacks other features that are present in other antivirus solutions. Some of which include a gamer mode and USB detection.

Lengthy installation and the absence of some attractive features aside, it is still quite easy to use. Also, its fast action against malware thanks to its antivirus scanner, somewhat makes up for the said problem. Plus there is an online support page and phone support to help you out when things get a little complicated. In general, the Norman Antivirus is simple, easy to understand and use yet it is important to note that it did not get the highest scores in the AV-Test.

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