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Unleash the True Power of PDF with Nitro Pro

  • Convert PDFs to .doc, .xls, .ppt
  • Create PDFs from any printable format
  • Self-sign PDFs with Nitro’s QuickSign tool
  • Nitro Sign integration for eSigning workflows
  • Integrations with popular cloud storage apps
  • Access to self-help support resources
  • Optional VIP Access add-on
  • Not included: support ticket submission

Nitro Productivity Suite Discount Coupon Code

More than 300,000 customers trust Nitro Pro PDF Software including:

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Nitro Pro Discount Coupon Code

Nitro Pro 12

Nitro Pro 12

The Nitro difference:

  • 50% lower cost
  • Fast adoption
  • Proven technology

What’s new and improved in Nitro Pro 12:

  • Better accuracy conversion
  • Transition from desktop to cloud
  • Access and share files
  • Be creative with CAD
  • Skip the printer with Print Alternatives
  • Doing multitask
  • Sign your documents
  • Verify digital signatures

Nitro Pro 11

Nitro Pro 11

With Nitro Pro 11, there are new features added such as Add Tools or Smart Tips, along with some improvements – Backstage view, opening document faster, more customizabale layout and printing options,….

Shorter learning curve

Familiar for Office 2016 users : Improve Backstage view and new themes, colors, and layouts with Office 2016–style.

Works the way you do : New Add Tools feature in Nitro Pro 11 allow users to customize Home tab with the tools you use most.

Intelligent help : Based on your actions, New Smart Tips tool will suggest features contextually.

Improved speed and quality

Performance improvements for large files : Now user can open large documents more quickly.

Improved, high-fidelity OCR : More accurate document layout and design with new pre- and post-processing techniques.

More customizable layout and printing options : New Booklet printing and improved Multiple Pages offer more print layout support.

Work from anywhere

Work on the go : With any web browser available, you can convert, compress, and combine PDF files.

Fill and sign documents in clicks : Updated mobile signing experience is better than previous versions.

More cloud storage integrations, across all platforms : Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.

Nitro Pro 10

Nitro Pro 10

Nitro Pro 10 Features:

  • Create Universally Compatible PDFs
  • Convert PDF Files with Ease
  • Edit PDFs Like a Pro
  • Review PDFs with Collaborators
  • Sign PDFs with Security
  • Integrate PDFs with Cloud


The newest release of Nitro Pro (version 10) adds the option to make PDF Portfolios that are basically like zip files that can be saved in any version: PDF, image or office documents. Users can now also access and view these files through compatible applications and softwares. Basically, the focus of the newest version is making it PDF friendly, to be more useful, and cater to a larger audience.

Aside from that, a search tool has been changed into a floating bar, which is accessible via + , which enables users to search throughout the document without scrolling back to the top. An advanced search option can also be used, which opens as a sidebar and provides context for search results.

The updated version also allows users to quickly and easily copy pages from an open document to another through the Pages sidebar. It also makes editing text easier by just rolling your mouse over the text you want to revise, highlighting it and clicking it once, to start the revision. The crop tool was also improved, adding predefined page sizes included in the custom measurement options. PDF Optimization has been renovated to reduce options, now it is only down to three.

Overall, the 10th version of Nitro Pro continues to progress and develop to a steadier pace, which they gain by adding more features to their tools, which allows the user to make use of it better and easier.

Nitro Pro 8

Nitro Pro 8

Table of Content

Reviews of Nitro PDF Pro 8


“Nitro Pro 8 is a feature-packed PDF program with impressive performance and a dead-simple interface. And with its slim price tag, it is a fantastic option, even over the popular Adobe Acrobat.”


“You can create and convert PDF documents easily with Nitro Pro and its array of valuable features.”


“Superb cost-effective professional PDF manager which you can use to create, edit, convert and manage your documents”

Personal Review

Nitro PDF Pro 8 is a very good alternative to Acrobat Pro, one some might even prefer as the default option, in fact. For one thing, its superb integration with Microsoft Office programs makes it very convenient to use. For another, its beautifully familiar interface—a ribbon-style one that follows the Microsoft Office template—makes it easy to navigate, even for truly novice users.

The slimmer price tag alone might make it sexier than Acrobat Pro to some people, but where this PDF program really shines is in its compatibility with Microsoft Office programs and its beautifully streamlined, often-better-than-Adobe conversion functions. Its text editing too is far better than Adobe’s: many will sympathies with me when I gripe about the idiotic limitations of text editing in Adobe’s program and how it actually ignores formatting entirely by pushing edited lines all the way past the margin of the document when the line starts getting longer than it originally was. While Nitro PDF Pro 8’s still could do with some improvement, it in itself is a vast improvement over Adobe’s version due to its automated text re-flow of edited paragraphs.

It still falls behind in some aspects: some of the really heavy, serious-enterprise-focused features of Acrobat Pro are not here. But that’s understandable, given that most of those features are generally ones that more advanced users would need. For lighter users that still need a PDF program for business usage, Nitro PDF Pro 8 would do very well indeed, especially in light of its strengths and superb usability.

More than 300,000 businesses rely on Nitro, including 50% of the Fortune 100.

Nitro PDF Pro: PDF Editing Made Easy

Nitro Pro Discount Coupon CodeNitro PDF Pro enables users to edit documents quickly and conveniently, and cheaply at that. It is a program that converts documents from their original formats into a PDF format. In addition to that, it also converts PDF files into files that can be more easily edited. One may quickly edit documents with a click of a button, using the conveniently located Edit Tool on the Insert and Edit tab.

Text can be imported faster in a variety of formats because of the improved text-editing abilities that can be conveniently accessed from the innovative button-based toolbar. Because of the new paragraph recognition engine, sections of text can be easily dragged and dropped with ease.

A combine files button located on the toolbar creates a portfolio by combining PDFs and other files. Images and Bates numbers can also be inserted into the PDF document. Attaching different file types and bookmark management are other features offered by Nitro PDF Pro. For collaborations, comments or sticky notes can be added to the image. A QuickSign tool is also available for signatures or watermarks.

Sharing can be made simpler by Nitro PDF Pro, documents can be uploaded to a network folder or a management program like the Microsoft SharePoint. A 128-bit password can be provided to make a document more secure by clicking on the protect tab. Redactions can be performed and sensitive data can be removed by clicking on this tab. This tab doesn’t just cover up data one wants to keep hidden; the program can remove the information from the document. When saving the redacted version, that program automatically saves the original, as not lose information.

The latest version of Nitro PDF Pro offers the option to digitize hard-copy files from a scanner. The Optical Character Recognition technology of Nitro PDF Pro makes that possible.

Arguably one of the best features of the Nitro PDF Pro is its new rendering engine. With this technology, documents are drawn and displayed in the content screen, much faster and easier to read. The detail of the new rendering engine can be demonstrated by zooming in and out, analyzing complex graphics like CAD designs. This new feature makes it more convenient for professionals such as engineers and drafters to view complicated plans or schematics.

In summary, Nitro PDF Pro is a PDF-converter application that’s priced right and easier to use than its earlier incarnations.  Its speed and performance speaks for its self. Although, more expensive applications can offer more features, Nitro PDF Pro utilizes less hard-drive space and RAM, making it easier on the computer.

An Overview of Nitro PDF Pro 8

Nitro PDF Pro 8 is the latest iteration of the famous alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro, a tidy but full-featured PDF program that provides most of the critical functions of Adobe’s professional edition—and then some—for a lower price.

While people still tend to associate the Portable Document Format or PDF with Adobe, the fact is that it is already an open standard.  Adobe might have invented it and the precursor called Camelot that led to it, but by 2008, it was no longer controlled by the company.  As the default standard for printable online documents and enterprise publications, PDF has become a universally recognized (and used) format, which has led to a bloom in the number of programs purporting to deal with it.

Some of those programs are one-dimensional in their function: they are meant to either only read PDFs or print them, for example.  Those are typically for casual users.  Since PDF users in business tend to need to do more—they may need to edit, convert, or annotate documents, for instance—the professional versions of PDF programs often allow for more than simple reading or printing of the documents.  This is where software like Adobe Acrobat and Nitro Pro come in.

Nitro PDF Pro 8 Features

Like most other professional PDF programs, Nitro PDF Pro 8 allows you to read, print, create, convert, and protect PDF files.
Nitro Pro Discount Coupon CodeCreation, as with most other programs, is easy.  You can create PDFs straight out of MS Office programs and even combine different file formats into a single PDF.  You can also assure ISO 19005-1 compliance with PDF/A-1b files and create PDF files from images or straight from your scanner.

Nitro Pro Discount Coupon CodeEditing is also straightforward, albeit full of possibilities.  Nitro PDF Pro 8 provides a lot of handy editing features, like the ability to edit text (full paragraphs of it, in fact) with automatic text re-flow after editing is done, image editing in-program, automated removal of elements you select (e.g. annotations and JavaScript), and automated bookmark creation based on specified format parameters (e.g. all subheadings are converted into bookmarks in one click).  And if you need it, you can also add Bates numbering to your files.

Nitro Pro Discount Coupon CodeNitro PDF Pro 8 also allows you to convert a PDF not just to a Word or image document but also into a useable Excel file.  You can also export images and text from a PDF into a multitude of file formats according to your choice.

Nitro Pro Discount Coupon Code

You can also convert PDFs and image-based text into editable text documents (like Word or Excel) through Optical Character Recognition or OCR.

Nitro Pro Discount Coupon CodeReview is easy with a multitude of annotation and comment functions—and because all annotations made with Nitro PDF Pro 8 have total compatibility with Adobe Acrobat, you don’t have to worry about your review notes getting lost if someone you’re sharing the file with opens it with an Adobe program.  And if certification is your concern, you can also add digital signatures and certificates as well as approval stamps.

Nitro Pro Discount Coupon CodeYou can create, fill out, and distribute electronic forms with it—and save on paper that way.

Nitro Pro Discount Coupon CodeAnd finally, you can control who gets to see the document by adding user restrictions, password protection, document encryption, and even web access restrictions.

Adobe and Nitro: A Comparison of Acrobat Pro and PDF Pro 8

While Adobe’s Acrobat Professional Edition and Nitro PDF Pro 8 have many things in common, the two also diverge on several points.  For example, while both have OCR capabilities, Acrobat’s OCR tends not to recognise elements such as tables, which get converted into simple text with meaningless bars and lines drawn between items.  Nitro PDF Pro 8’s OCR, on the other hand, actually converts tables into usable tables in either Word or Excel.

Adobe has form field automation, which may be useful for those who need to fill out large forms regularly.  Furthermore, it supports the insertion of multimedia (interactive) elements such as videos in PDFs, while Nitro PDF Pro 8 does not.

Nitro PDF Pro 8 can boast of superior and often faster PDF conversions and better integration with Microsoft programs, however.  It also supports some features, like automated bookmarking based on formatting and text reflow when editing text, that Adobe’s Acrobat Pro does not have.

Pros and Cons of Nitro PDF Pro 8


  • Relatively low cost compared to competitors
  • Simple, user-friendly format
  • OCR imports macros
  • Conversion is streamlined and simple
  • Speedy operation
  • Auto bookmarking options
  • Good text editing options


  • No support for use/creation of PDF indexes
  • No support for creation of PDFs with interactive (multimedia) content
  • No form field automation
  • OCR tends to crash on huge files

5 Total Score

User Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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