New Balance Men’s MR993 Running Shoe

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New Balance Men's MR993 Running Shoe

One of the most trusted brands in running is New Balance. Through the years New Balance proved to be one of the top dogs in the running shoe brand. The company made substantial amounts of great running shoes upgrading their models every year and updating the technology and the material used in making their running shoes. New Balance, established in 1906 in Boston Masachusetts, is one of the largest sports shoe makers in the world have gained huge popularity among runners with their amazing arch support designs.

Classic Meets Science

New Balance Men’s MR993 Running Shoe

One classic running shoe, the New Balance Men’s MR993 running shoe, was first introduced during the 1980’s and the sports brand redesigned it giving it new technology but with a very old school look like how New Balance describes it “superior comfort meets classic style”. The upgraded specs of this shoe are designed to match the modern technological advancements implemented in their shoes. One specific upgrade is the use of the New Balance’s trademark ABZORB DTS, or known as the Dynamic Transition System, cushioning on the heel area to help in transitioning after heel impact and on the forefoot the ABZORB SBS is used which is designed for shock absorption. It also features the midsole cushion system of New balance, the ACTEVA, that helps in giving the runner optimal cushioning. The upper part of the New Balance Men’s MR993 running shoe made with pigskin and rubber mesh that isn’t heavy and makes the shoe more lightweight. The material used in making the shoe’s sole is their trademark Ndurance rubber compound that makes the shoe very strong and durable without sacrificing flexibility. The designers of this shoe paid great attention to the sole, giving the sole a bit of an open space in the heel to help the runner get a softer feel when landing. The sole also have forefoot groves to help in maintaining the flexibility when toeing off the ground.

The New Balance Men’s MR993 running shoe is known to be a high mileage shoe even for its previous design. The new design not only makes the shoe better but helps in giving the runner a great long distance running shoe that won’t give up easily due to the sturdy yet lightweight used. Many loved the MR993 during the 1980’s and has gained popularity ever since. A lot of veteran runners will love this new design and will give them a bit of nostalgia running in this updated pair.