Narrator for Mac OS X

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Back in the day, most people had their parents read out bedtime stories from books for them and truth be told, when it came to the character switching role, they never used to do such a convincing job but now from the creators of the iMac comes a device that can narrate plays and stories using different tones of voices with different characters and it is none other than the Narrator for Mac OS X.

This software, which has got synthesis that it uses, to read out the pages of a book that a person has marked so that they can be read as different characters. Take for example a play; one that has got more than two different characters. If you want to hear the play in audio, then you just mark the places you will want different voices for those characters and you will get to listen to the story as if you were watching it live in a theater. It has got settings for different volumes, inflections, voices, pitches and rates For those that would wish to have some silent reading moments, there is also an option for that.

With the help of a dictionary, you will be able to substitute some of the words there and also have a pronunciation that has been fine-tuned. It also has a version that allows you to have several characters per document to help arrange the story.

The Narrator for Mac OS X also has other advantages such as listening to iTunes at the same time being shown the lyrics of the tune you are listening to, you can now listen to stories on either your iPod, iPad or iPhone and you can even listen to the text messages sent to you which are converted to audio form.

It also has uses that can be considered professional such as having the Narrator for Mac OS X read out any letter you would want to send on official business. By having it read out to you, you will be able to know if what you wrote is what you want the receiver of the letter to read. You can also use it to recall any events that may be important that took place at a meeting you had attended by assigning different characters to each name. For those that have roles in theater, you now have an easier way to cram your lines and it is just as good as having a role study partner only this time you are all alone to work on those areas that you think need adjustments. You can even export ( ACC) sound that have got files so that you could use them with other softwares that play sound example using, in iMovie, like a soundtrack.

So thanks to Mariner software, storytelling and script reading have all been made easier. It is as good as relieving the story or event all over again only this time in the comfort of your own space & home/office.

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