Muvee Reveal X

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Muvee Reveal X

Muvee Reveal X is a video editing tool that is very easy to use. With Muvee Reveal X, video editing is made easier and filled with so much fun. You can add photos and video captured from different devices of almost any format and design your audio-visual presentation any way you want. With six unique styles to choose from (which includes fonts and background music that perfectly match each style), you will surely never grow fond of editing videos.

Perhaps what makes people enticed to this unique tool are its highly-customizable features. It has a clip-level control feature to enhance your video’s synced audio. In addition, it has an improved text support for animation, which makes it even easier to use. Adding texts, titles, and intertitles are also made easier with Muvee Reveal X.

After editing your video, the thrill does not end there just yet. With Muvee Reveal X, you have options that are right at your fingertips. You can choose to either publish your audio-visual presentation on YouTube or Facebook, or save it in multiple formats on your personal computer or phone for personal viewing and enjoyment. For $59.95, you can start making video magic and tell your story your way.

Muvee Reveal X Business

Muvee Reveal X Business is a video editing tool specially designed for businesses. This tool can help you advertise your business through professional yet entertaining videos, with over 40 styles and 2000 music tracks to choose from. Through video clips made with Muvee Reveal X Business, companies can share their objectives and milestones in social networking sites, mass media, or even burn their audio-visual presentations to a DVD and distribute it to the customers. With its one-click sharing to YouTube and Facebook, your company can go viral and be famous among prospect clients in just a few minutes. Also, you can add your logo, texts, and some messages to further personalize the video clip.

Furthermore, Muvee Reveal X Business is fast and cost-effective. All you have to do is choose the pictures, select a style, and choose your desired background music. You can add some more finishing touches because it is complete with professional effects, transitions, and attractive text designs and formats. This program is packed with styles and tracks that give that professional feel to your video clip which makes some say that it is the ultimate marketing tool. Isn’t that too easy? For a price of $399, you can tell your story your way.

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