Music Ace Deluxe

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Music Ace Deluxe

Overview – What is Music Ace Deluxe?

Music Ace Deluxe is a collection of programs that aims to teach young and old students alike the basics of music. Do you see in your child a potential to excel in music? Ideal for beginners and intermediate music students, Music Ace educates kids about the basis of musical theories, music sheets, and playing the piano; all under the guidance of an animated tutor in Maestro Max.

Created by professionals for would-be professionals, Music Ace provides challenging yet still fun lessons that stir your children’s interest and creativity in music. Let them learn the basics of staff, know how to use beats and tempos, and discover the dynamics of sharps and flats with the help of thirty-six enjoyable lessons from Music Ace’s library.

Games and interactive entertainment are also available to spice up the whole learning experience. And they can be great motivational tools as well. Music Ace Deluxe games are a good way to retain what was learned throughout the lessons. Game difficulty can be set based on the different levels of learners. You can track the progress of your child using the completion count and games progress function in the application’s main control section.

To add to the fun, Music Ace has integrated the Music doodle pad which allows users to create and edit original tones, and even adapted ones. The tracks can be saved on the computer so it can be available for listening at a later time. Hours spent on the doodle pad alone are enough to keep your child’s craving for music consistently evolving.

Technology has really come a long way, who would have thought of these innovations a long time ago? Only a few people, maybe. Music Ace is a genius and it has numerous awards to back up all its claims. Truly an innovative point-and-click approach to learning music, Music Ace Deluxe has served as an indispensable extension to music teachers at school.