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Easy Movie Making Through MoviEZ HD

MoviEZ HD is the perfect software for movie editor wannabes as it offers a wide array of tools and functions that can generate a professional-calibre movie. MoviEZ HD is still suitable even for a person who does not have any prior movie editing experience. The impressive set of features it offers will certainly make movie making that EZ.

MoviEZ HD gives people the chance to tell the story of their life through HD video. Through MoviEZ HD, users can import raw video files from their mobile gadgets or camcorders, individualize these through addition of voiceovers, background music and subtitles, adjust video settings according to user preferences, generate the output to different formats, transfer to mobile devices and upload to social networking sites

Users can easily transfer raw video data from their gadgets to the software through the one-touch interface of the application. The application enables full HD support for clearer video inputs and outputs.

The bulk of the productive features of the MoviEZ HD lie in its video editing capabilities. Full control over the different aspects of movie editing is what MoviEZ HD promises its users. Users can adjust the brightness and sharpness level of the video and rectify colour inconsistencies within the video file. They can also easily arrange and overlap pictures and videos according to the storyline that they are adopting.  Zooming to specific areas can also be done to emphasize the details in the video. Video titles and credits can be conveniently formatted and inserted to the movie project.

The audio features of this application enable the user to tinker with the sound aspect to enhance the multimedia experience. Audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC can be easily imported towards the application. Voiceovers can also be recorded to narrate different parts in the movie. After all of these audio input files had been imported to the project, the music trimming feature can be utilized to adjust and modify the file according to what the user wants for the movie.

Ten different Playback styles are presented to the users which can effortlessly customize the presentation according to each own design template. The unique animations and transitions of each style would definitely help in creating a one-of-a-kind movie presentation.

MoviEZ HD allows the user to preview the output movie file in full screen, DVD format while in the process of modifying the project. This gives the users a glimpse of how the movie will look like after it had been generated in order to make necessary adjustments before saving the final file.

The output of hard-worked movie project will not disappoint as the output movie is ensured to be of high quality. The software also gives the users the power to choose on how they want to publish and share their movie: in social networking sites, in a DVD ROM or exporting it to their own personal gadget.

All-in-all, MoviEZ HD certainly offers the general public a viable movie making software alternative. The extensive control provided by the software to the movie making decision of the users allows exploring beyond the conventional and producing extraordinary movies. High quality movies are what MoviEZ HD promises – in an EZ way.

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