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MoneyWorks is a business information and accounting system developed by Cognito Software Ltd. for Windows and Mac platforms. As the keystone to your business, you need to have an accounting system that functions more than just compliance and bookkeeping. It needs to offer timely and fast management and financial reports as well as to adapt to your shifting workflows. Your accounting system must operate with other systems as well to help grow your business. MoneyWorks give you all these.

Product Description: Moneyworks

For in depth forecasting and analysis, Cognito Software Ltd. claims that MoneyWorks has the most prevailing accounting system reporting in its kind, allowing you to know your business well. Time is money. Of course, you want an accounting system that does not slow down. MoneyWorks’ configurable entry screens will help you increase productivity. This application was designed for optimum performance and is so different from slow accounting software out there. With fewer panels, it is easy to move around the Navigator. The to-do panel can help you remember regular tasks or overdues. You can get important announcements too as messages would be exhibited right on your Navigator.

You can get good results from your accounting system investment. You should be investing in this type of a software. MoneyWorks has the capability to provide you with better data from your business information. This will let you make better decisions which could mean a much successful business. If you wish to look at the details of your customers, you can simply drill down and keep a customer window open as you go back to your transactions. Keyboard shortcuts are also available, enabling you to make a new entry window for all your transactions anywhere or wherever you are.

Features and Benefits:

– Supports both Mac and Windows platforms.
– Designed for maximum interoperability and flexibility.
– Low overall running costs.
– Cross platform data sharing.
– Effective user interface.
– Modeless transaction entry.
– Native PDF generation.
– Custom validations and auto fill.
– Direct emailing.
– Original storage of document.
– Sticky notes.
– Streamlines and polished user interface.
– Quick visualization of how your business is performing with the Navigator Dashboard feature.
– Powerful preview.
– Custom validation lists.
– Comprehensive documentation that facilitates employee self-training.
– Important message and updates announcement

With so many features being offered to improve your business’ performance, MoneyWorks is indeed an application that will let you save staff time.

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