Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard

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Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2012

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard (formerly known as Windows Server 8) is the latest release of Microsoft Windows Server. Developed in September 2009, Windows Server 2012 is the second edition of Windows Server 2008. It is also the first Windows-operated server with no Itanium support. The 2012 edition was officially released on March 1st of the said year. A month later, Microsoft announced that the server will be available under the name “Windows Server 2012”.

Windows Server 2012 was released internationally on August 01, 2012. The product was initially sold through multiple channels affiliated with Microsoft.

New Features

Windows Server 2012 added these new features:

  • Windows Task Manager – In the upgraded version of this feature, the browser tabs are hidden showing applications by default. Windows Task Manager is where the computer’s processes tabs are displayed.
  • User Interface – The latest Windows server’s interface capability has been re-designed for easy management of multiple systems.
  • Active Directory – This is an installation wizard that allows processing of domain services using Windows’ Server Manager. Here, a GUI was added to the directory’s recycle bin. With this feature, electronic domain controllers can be duplicated without experiencing software risks.


The product’s re-designed interface sparked criticisms from several tech experts and bloggers. According to Angus Kidman of GIZMODO Australia, Windows Server 2012 has no surprising features contrary to its previous editions. Regardless of its basic interface features, Kidman explains that the Windows-style interface in the 2012 edition still allows users to configure the “command line” in running scripts.

Tech blogger Tim Anderson questioned the GUI as an add-on for Windows Server 2012. He explains that Microsoft’s move in adding GUI in their latest server may likely result to downloading of limited apps.

Despite these criticisms, Windows Server 2012 is still the most preferred product among IT experts.

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