Microsoft Windows Server Data Center 2012

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Microsoft Windows Server Data Center 2012

New Features for Microsoft Windows Server Data Center 2012

Windows Sever is a very powerful tool which enables you to run various types of businesses on the web. It is one of the largest datacenters in the world and it has been defined as the best servers around. It delivers various features and it offers great virtualization, storage, cloud computing, file automation, and networking. It allows users to transform basic IT operations into a whole new concept in server automation. That is why most small business owners use this type of software program.

Codenamed as Windows Server 8, Microsoft Windows Server Data Center 2012 has various features and it is better than its original Windows 2008 version. It has been equipped with the new version of the Hyper V which enables users to control IP address management and data dissemination. It also has a new Windows Task Manager including a ReFS file type. As you may know, Windows Task Manager is important in controlling User Interface and it allows removal of rogue programs. It also allows users to check the network movements and to monitor all the programs which are running in the computer. Its new version allows further data protection and monitoring. All this new features can be found in the new Microsoft Sever Data Center version 2012.

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