Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (Professional) Upgrade

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Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro is coming. It the professional version of windows 8. The good news is that you can get up to 50% off. Price is $199.99, discount price at $69.99 so you save $130 ~ 65% at the time of writing. You can pre order now, this product will be released on October 26, 2012.

Features of the new Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

The newest and the best Operating System around is Windows 8. Microsoft Windows 8 Pro is the current release in the Windows franchise and it is Microsoft’s finest OS. It can be used to power up personal computer including laptops, desktops, business networks and even home entertainment systems. Windows 8 has a whole new platform and its User Interface is primarily focused on expert control of tables and other mobile systems, such as iOS and Android. It is compatible with the USB.3.0 and it has an amazing new firmware. Along with its regular features, Windows 8 is great when it comes to cloud computing and field communications.

To further protect the system, Microsoft has introduced its built in antivirus complete with malware and spyware detection. This allows users to feel safe because the system is perfectly secured from any intrusions. In order to block intrusions and viral spread, Windows 8 has an all new firewall feature and a UEFI feature which allows only digitally signed programs to boot. Its new shell interface also has a protection protocol so that no adware programs will pop-up. This new OS also allows users to install other antivirus programs so that the system will have added protection. Such are the new features of the new Windows 8.