Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

The Windows 7 Ultimate Edition has all the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of the Professional Edition. What makes Windows 7 Ultimate different from these Windows 7 versions are two main upgrades that were incorporated into it to make it more useful to corporate users or the enterprise segment of the market. With these two additions, Windows 7 Ultimate is deemed as the most powerful Windows 7 edition. The first value added upgrade is the BitLocker data encryption feature that secures your data from theft or losses. The other one is the AppLockers which prevents banned programs from running on your operating system.

Designed for users who want it all, Windows 7 Ultimate is the perfect operating system that combines both power and ease of use. It is compatible with some Unix applications which should delight open source enthusiasts and large businesses. Its multi language interface provides the extra flexibility and allows the user to work in any of the 35 languages. Its powerful networking capabilities allow you to seamlessly access corporate resources online.

Windows 7 Ultimate is the ultimate operating system in every sense of the word. Current users have described it as the best operating system they have ever used in terms of uptime, compatibility with other programs, and a rich, full featured working environment. “Fast”, “least distracting”, “least intrusive”, “superb ease of access”, “uses less and less memory” are just some of the superlatives they used to describe the system. Although there are some in the industry who finds the added features of the Windows 7 Ultimate as inconsequential to most users, they are never the less important to some users who wants everything that Windows 7 has to offer. Better security and greater usability are what distinctly make Windows 7 Ultimate stand out from the other Windows 7 versions.

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