Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional is all of Windows Home Premium and more. It has additional essential features which are of more significant use by small businesses and other heavy home users. As the word Professional in it connotes is designed for power users like professionals working from home as well as small business enterprises. Aside from having all of the unique features of Windows 7 Home Premium, the Professional Edition has other valuable add-ins which include the ability to connect to Windows Server Domains, make a computer operate as a Remote Desktop Server, location aware printing, Presentation Mode, File System Encryption and the Windows Xp mode.

What have been preventing a number of businesses from changing over to a newer and better operating system in the past are compatibility issues related to popular Windows XP-only legacy applications which current users couldn’t just simply discard. Windows 7 Professional resolves this issue by incorporating a Windows XP mode into its system. With this XP mode emulator, businesses will now be able to use their Legacy productivity programs which were mostly designed for the Windows XP operating system.

Small business users will also find highly useful the Professional Edition’s ‘set it and forget it’ back-up feature which allows users to back up and restore their data using networked drives as well as set schedules for automatic backups. The Presentation mode allows for easy projector connection and special display settings for a more professional presentation. It also supports 64-bit mode of up to 192GB of physical ram. Its robust File Encryption feature protects files on computers with multi users.

These and other value added features has made Windows 7 Professional currently the most widely used version in the Windows family. Notably, the Windows 7 Professional’s 64-bit version is getting more user response according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey.  It has almost a 20% presence – the first time in computer history for a 64-bit operating system to surpass its 32-bit version. While it still pales considerably Windows XP’s 47%, it is but a matter of time before it finally replaces XP as the dominant operating system worldwide.

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