Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade

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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade

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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

  • If you are running Windows XP or Vista, you can buy this upgrade to upgrade your desktop to Windows 7. If not, you will have to purchase full version of Windows 7.
  • If you are already running Windows 7, you will need to choose other option: Windows Anytime Upgrade to upgrade your Windows 7 version.

Someone wants to upgrade their PC's Windows XP/Vista versions to Windows 7 professional as they need Windows XP Mode feature in this professional version. Users can purchase an upgrade for their old version of Windows for running Windows XP programs and get enhanced security with Windows 7.

Why does someone need this feature? Not all software is developed to be compatible with the new version of Windows, as usually, developers need time for improving their software to be able to run on the new windows platform. It's the reason why many people are still hesitated to upgrade their computer's windows version. Many software can only run in Windows XP. However, new version of Windows, like Windows 7, is improved and offers many benefits that older versions don't have, such as better secure, capabilities in doing multitask effectively, and so on.

How can we get benefits from Windows XP while we still can take advantage of Windows 7's great features? The solution for this issue is Windows 7 Professional, as this version offers Windows XP Mode, so users can run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows 7. And Windows 7 Professional has all features and benefits of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Windows 7 Professional has 2 version - 32 & 64-bit versions. Not all software is compatible with 64 bit version.

Price of Windows 7 Professional is $199.99. It's a bit pricey, right? It will be good if this software is offered at cheaper price. With current promo of windows 7 from retail store, you can get this professional version with special offer for saving up to 10%.

Who should buy this upgrade of Windows 7 Professional?

Remember, if your computer is running windows XP or Vista, you can buy this upgrade of Windows 7. But if your PC doesn't run Windows Vista or XP, you will need to buy full version of Windows 7 instead of an upgrade.

However, if you are running Windows 7 on your PC, you can purchase Windows Anytime Upgrade to upgrade your Windows 7 version for getting more features that you need.

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