Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

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Windows 7 Home Premium’s Shake, Peek, Snap Features and More

For the first 18 months since it was launched Windows 7 has sold 350 million licenses earning it the unofficial title of being the fastest selling operating system for personal computers. Windows 7 Home Premium has the biggest share more than the other Windows 7 editions. Considered by many to be the best and the most complete OS for home consumers, Windows 7 Home Premium is something you can just simply grab without ever worrying that it may not meet your expectations. It has essentially almost every feature that home consumers have always wanted to have – from a slick Aero graphic user interface that can be personalized to features that allows media streaming from one computer to another over the same network.

Windows 7 Home Premium is also laden with new and intuitive navigational features that allow users to merely ‘shake’, ‘peek’, ‘snap’ through various open applications.  For example, the Aero Shake feature allows users to clear the desktop of other open program windows while leaving open only the program window you wish to work on. This is done by simply clicking and at the same time holding down the open program you wish to work on and lightly shaking it. The Aero Peek feature allows users to preview programs while the Aero Snap feature lets you resize program windows. Right clicking on a program icon brings up a Jump List (another added feature of Windows 7 Home Premium) that contains links to any document, song, picture, or website you access often.

Most home users who often use their PC’s for entertainment will find great satisfaction with Windows 7 Home Premium as it provides the best entertainment experience one can ever wish for from a PC. With its Windows Media Center home users will be able to watch, pause, rewind, and record TV.  You can now also stream media such as music, pictures and videos between your Windows Media Player and that of another device within the same network or even access media from your home computer via the internet using the Remote Media Streaming of Windows Media Player. Gamers will simply fall in love with the highly immersive graphics of DirectX 11.

Windows 7 is more than a rehash or a spin of previous Windows OS. It is a smooth and truly stable operating system that has all the features perfectly suited to the needs of the home market segment.

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