Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Discount Coupon Code

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  • If you are running Windows XP or Vista, you can buy this upgrade to upgrade your desktop to Windows 7. If not, you will have to purchase full version of Windows 7.
  • If you are already running Windows 7, you will need to choose other option: Windows Anytime Upgrade to upgrade your Windows 7 version.
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

The Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade is designed for current users of Windows XP or Windows Vista. Cheaper than buying the actual Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, the upgrade version is the best option for XP or Vista users to migrate and take advantage of the many superior features that Windows 7 has to offer. However, if you are running a much earlier Windows version you need to buy the full version of the Windows 7 Home Premium.

Upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium will make your PC simpler, more reliable, and more responsive. It makes common tasks a lot easier – it and to make the things you do every day on your PC easier. Typing just a word or two allows you to find almost anything on your computer. You can also open files in just two clicks. Whereas XP and Vista will only allow you to join existing networks, Windows 7 Home Premium goes beyond that and lets you create your own home network. It lets you enjoy the full entertainment experience of the complete Windows Media Center that allows you to watch, pause, rewind, and record TV on your computer. Streaming media from one computer to another in the same network is now possible using the integrated Windows Media Player.

The Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade requires that you are currently running a genuine copy of XP or Vista operating system. It won’t work if you are running earlier versions of Windows or a pirated copy of any of the two. You need to have at least a 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor with 1 GB RAM if you have a 32-bit(x86) processor or 2 GB RAM if you have a 64-bit (x64) processor. You also must have at least 16GB (for 32-bit) or 20 GB (for 64-bit) of available disk space. You also should have the DirectX 9 installed in your computer together with the WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.

For a lot less more than buying the full version, XP and Vista users may buy the upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium which only costs $120 versus the $200 price tag of the full version. If you wish to find out first whether Windows 7 Home Premium and all its features will run on your computer you can go to Windows Upgrade Advisor at to resolve any installation issues prior to purchasing the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade.

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