Microsoft Windows 7

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Microsoft Windows 7 Description:

Windows 7 so far is the latest version of Microsoft Operating Systems. Now in this article I will provide the new features in this new Operating System:

First of all, there are built-in desktop themes which are very easy to change. What really makes Windows 7 multifunctional is the fact that you can make use of an entire theme or single out a part of it. If you refer to the end part of the personalization window, there you’ll see more buttons integrated for your window colour, desktop background, and screen saver. The good thing about it is that you can alter the setup of your theme at what will suit your taste and website, and then just click save changes. Also, click save theme if you want to use that for future purposes.

You can make the screen more readable, if you’re using a laptop that makes your screen resolution and size much smaller than the usual laptop; which makes everything else appears smaller as well. First off, you will really admire the feature wherein the text size can be adjusted quite easier than usual. Windows 7 purportedly auto-selects the optimal resolution scheme for your screen,  but of course you can decide on how big your font size would be depending on your specifications. If you live in a place that always has problems with the weather, and you like to be updated on weather forecast if in case there’s a two-minute show of sunshine that he might probably miss. Well, that would be downright tragic for him. Fortunately, there are these new customized gadgets that make life easier and on-track of everything. These desktop gadgets are very easy to customize, lightweight, and compact. And one more thing, it is very reliable as you don’t have to open a new window or launch a new program because it runs on its own continuously.

These days, you can have a desktop slide show setup with surfing pictures, while you have pictures, it will display a slide show. When you install the windows 7, you can choose from a variety of sound schemes that will fit your liking; and they all sound like Windows default sound scheme, but with a twist. For example, the sonata plot mimics the sounds of violins in a concerto, whereas the delta proponent is a banjo thingy; but overall, this is one OS that is sure to tweak your techie vibe.