Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Home Premium to Professional (Expired)

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Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Home Premium to Professional

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Description

Each Windows 7 versions are different slightly with each other. If you want to take advantages of Windows 7 Professional's features, you will need to upgrade the current Windows 7 version on your PC. To make sure you still can keep your files, programs and settings unchanged, you can use Windows Anytime Upgrade. It's more convenient for you to upgrade your Windows 7 version as what you need is to enter upgrade code to unlock new features of Windows 7 Professional.

What're benefits when upgrading to Windows 7 Professionals? Windows 7 Professional is considered having what you need for home and work.

What makes Windows 7 Professional different with Windows 7 Home Premium is Windows XP Mode. With this Windows XP Mode, you can run many Windows XP programs while you get benefits from Windows 7 such as keeping confidential information more secure and safer with file encryption and back-ups automatically; Connecting and changing between business network and home network is simpler.

Windows 7 Professional also have all features of Windows 7 Home Premium:

  • Managing all of open windows becomes easier as features of desktop navigation like Peek, Snap and Shake have been improved.
  • It's simpler and more convenient to create a home network. Now sharing files and printers with all the PCs with Windows 7 on the network is done with ease.
  • Want to find a file or document or anything else is as a piece of cake with Windows Search. Just type what you need, and you get result instantly.
  • Improvements of Windows 7 helps your PC sleep and resume quicker than old version of Windows. With 64-bit capabilities of Windows 7, your PC has more power for dealing with multi-tasks.

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