Microsoft OneNote 2010

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Microsoft OneNote 2010

Microsoft OneNote is an application that you can use to gather free form information and collaborate with other users. This software is capable of collecting users’ notes (typed or handwritten), screen clippings, drawings and audio commentaries and sharing them with other Microsoft OneNote users over the Web. You can input typed text using a keyboard, insert photos and create tables. But unlike word processors, you can only write anywhere on an unbounded document window by clicking there. Also, you do not have to issue save orders explicitly as Microsoft OneNote will automatically save data as you enter it.

Product Description: Microsoft OneNote

As with the interface, you will notice that it is an electronic version of a tabbed ring binder that you can use to make notes. Notebooks were designed for accumulating, managing and sharing potentially unpolished materials while wikis and word processors are targeted at publishing in another way. While OneNote is commonly used on desktop computers or laptops, it has features for utilization on pen-enabled tablets. Its multi-user capacity allows offline editing, synchronization and consolidating at the paragraph level, making it a good tool for workgroups that work together on research whose team members are not online always.

Collect and manage everything you need from photos, Web links, notes and videos. OneNote keeps the data you require to have at your fingertips. OneNote managed like an established notebook but with much room for everything. Files bear the ONE extension, which is the file format also used in earlier versions. OneNote utilizes an open XML-based format which is the same with Office Open XML file formats stored along with attachments within a binary format.

Features and Benefits:

– Improved navigation tools that make it easy and simpler to flip through pages, notebooks and sections.
– Flexible page tabs that give two subpages levels
– Easy grabbing of any information snippet from another software application, electronic mail or the Web.
– Powerful search capabilities
– Wiki links feature makes it easy for you to create table of contents.
– Easy sharing of your notebooks with anyone you want to share them with.
– Instant access to information with a new ranking system that will let you learn from your past choices.
– Availability for mobile phones
– Simplification of how you access features with its new Backstage view feature that replaced the File menu.
– Share, publish and print notes with a simple click.

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