Microsoft Office Professional 2010

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Microsoft Office Professional 2010

Without a doubt, Microsoft Office Professional 2010 is one of the most popular packages that have been made available by Microsoft. This particular product comes equipped with all the high-quality programs used by professionals in order to easily create and manipulate their data. Unlike Home and Student offices, the 2010 Microsoft Office Professional covers a more extensive range of features which makes it the ultimate choice for large scale businesses.

Product Features
  • Package included Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access, 2010 versions.
  • Published paves the way for the creation of brochures, newsletters and emails that carry a distinctive design.
  • OneNote consolidates all information and allows them to be turned to useful data.
  • Create inventories and carefully track the financial side of the business using Excel 2010.
  • Share files and access information anywhere at all as long as there’s usable internet connection for the individual.
  • Allows working as a team with Access features as well as integration of information to create a smooth and accurate report about the business.
  • Customizable Ribbon feature allows individuals to change settings according to their most preferred order.
Product Advantages

The best thing about the Microsoft Office Professional 2010 package is that it contains practically everything individuals would want to manage their business. The ease of use is also a plus, especially for those who have grown familiar with the usual layout of Microsoft.

Out of all the programs included in the professional package, probably the newest one to users would be the Publisher. This is actually incredibly helpful and gives businesses the opportunity to create their own headings and professional looking letterheads. This is perfect for emails, letters and practically any transaction under the business. Outlook and OneNote 2010 are also ideal tools, providing individuals with the best way to handle not only their contacts but also the vital information needed to keep the business afloat.

Product Disadvantages

The main problem of this product is the price which is way more than what is paid for the Home and Student 2010 versions. Considering the contents of the package, this isn’t really surprising.

Of course, it is important to note that the Microsoft Office Professional 2010 is not for everyone. Individuals who are only looking for basic functions in their Office programs shouldn’t worry too much about buying the Professional version. In most cases, this package is something reserved for business – both small and large ones. For those who intend to make a purchase however, it is important to note that the package runs on very specific system requirements. Hence, it’s always a good idea to ask sellers about compatibility issues before buying.

System requirements for this package include some of the following:

-          Computer processor must have at least 500 MHz

-          A 3 GB available hard disk space is best

-          There should be a 256 MB RAM but 512 is better for graphics

-          Display resolution can be anything from 1024 by 576 or above.

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