Microsoft Office 2010

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Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student Product Description

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student is the newest version of office that has many new added features compared to former versions of office. It is perfect for students and home users in creating reports, letters and computations, managing everything easily with this new Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student. Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote. All of the included applications are at its latest update.

Microsoft Word has new ready-made templates that will allow users to create proficient documents, letters and reports.

Microsoft Excel will help manage household finances easily with the new easy-to-use analysis tools that will enable you to spot variations on computations. Also, it has enhanced charting tools and SmartArt graphics to help you make graphs, charts and diagrams for comprehensive reports and analysis.

Microsoft PowerPoint has improved media presentations and editing. One can crop and properly adjust the color of media or edit them may it be photos, video and audio. It also has new transitions and animations for more proficient presentations.

Microsoft OneNote is a lot better in organizing all of the information and ideas that one has regarding a task or an assignment. OneNote has access to media, document files and links that will make planning easier for the user.

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business Product Description

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business is an updated version of Office Suite suitable for people with small businesses at home or for personal and work use. Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business consists of the following applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business will let you manage your budget and track down business finance effectively with help of the new Microsoft Excel, maneuver easily and create letters and reports through Microsoft Word create professional presentations and reports care of Microsoft PowerPoint, compile all resources and materials efficiently with the use on Microsoft OneNote, sync your calendar and appointments and manage emails through Microsoft Outlook and so much more.

Microsoft Outlook is a very useful program in organizing emails from customers and schedules through calendars which can be usually synced on a smart phone. This way, important appointments and messages from customers and business associates can be easily tracked down and organized. Through Microsoft Outlook, one can also manage multiple email accounts from Windows Live, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and other email service providers. It also has a new look that will make it easier for users to view and manage their emails without problems.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Product Description

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 is the newest Office Suite for people living in the fast track and wanted work done efficiently and professionally. Microsoft Office Professional 2010 offers a lot more innovative programs and is very suitable for large companies, mediums business firms and professional workers at home. Microsoft Office Professional 2010 consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Publisher.

Microsoft Word will enable users to create letters and documents easily with a new manageable interface. Microsoft Excel has new easier access tools for tracking of finances may it be for business or for household. Microsoft PowerPoint, on the other hand, will enable you to create professional looking presentations complete with media from videos, audio and photos better than before. Microsoft OneNote enables you to collect all of your ideas and information research regarding projects and marketing plans for customers. It also allows you to save quickly online to incorporate it with your notes. Microsoft Outlook lets you manage emails and sync appointments on your calendar to your portable device very efficient in dealing with clients. Microsoft Publisher lets your create effective marketing materials using templates which are all professional looking. Microsoft Access lets you create and manage business related information and customer’s to analyze business efficiently.

My Microsoft Office 2010 Review

I am writing this review of Microsoft Office 2010 a day after Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and the creator of many cool gadgets such as the iPod, iTouch and iPad, passed away. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg talks about Jobs: “Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world.”

Well, I would like to borrow Mr. Zuckerberg’s words because, quite frankly, Microsoft pretty much changed the world, too. Who doesn’t know Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Movie Maker, Office Access, Office Outlook and Office Publisher? But you got to wonder, why come up with another version? What was wrong with Microsoft Office 2007? What makes Microsoft Office 2010 better than its predecessor?

What’s in Office 2010 that’s also in the earlier versions

All that the Office Suite is famous for is still here. Name it and this has it – MS Word, Office Access, Office PowerPoint, Visio Professional, Office Outlook, and Office Publisher, and so on. We all grew up enjoying these programs and until now, a lot of us even make money with them. Thinkers in Microsoft will never let these staple programs go away; no doubt and thank God.

(In case you have not tried it or heard about it, trial versions of these are downloadable individually from Microsoft’s official website for free.)

What’s in Office 2010 that’s not in the earlier versions

There’s no point creating and selling a new Office without improvements or new features. Let’s see what Microsoft is beaming about and decide whether they matter or not.

  1. The new Outlook Social Connector. Office Outlook 2010 allows you to get updates from Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Windows Live Messenger inside Outlook. Does this new feature matter? With the ultra popularity of social network sites, Facebook especially, yes, this matters. It allows you to request and add friends from Outlook, and view upcoming appointments more easily.
  2. The protected document mode to make sure no one messes around with your work. If you are a writer who has poured in hours and hours of work into a document, this new Microsoft Word feature will surely matter.
  3. A side-by-side view or synchronized scrolling in Word 2010. This may seem a simple improvement but you would know it matters as you work on several reports simultaneously to make deadlines.
  4. New animations and transitions in PowerPoint 2010. Who doesn’t love PowerPoint animations? New slide transitions make sense and are attractive for seamless presentations. This matters because you’ll sure get your boss’s attention with your dynamic presentations. Microsoft Office makes office life way easier. PowerPoint also gets new text and image editing effects.

Here is a complete list of programs in Microsoft Office 2010:
•    Office Home and Student 2010
•    Office Home and Business 2010
•    Office Standard 2010
•    Office Professional 2010
•    Office Professional Plus 2010
•    Office Professional Academic 2010
•    Access 2010
•    Excel 2010
•    InfoPath 2010
•    OneNote 2010
•    Outlook 2010
•    Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager
•    PowerPoint 2010
•    Publisher 2010
•    SharePoint Workspace 2010
•    Visio 2010 (Standard, Professional, Premium)
•    Word 2010

Other cool Office 2010 improvements:
§    Built-in screen capture tool
§    Background removal tool
§    New SmartArt templates
§    Author permissions
§    Screen Capturing and Clipping tools
§    Live collaboration functions
§    A menu button (replacing the “Office Button”) that opens to a full-window file menu.

What’s missing?

  1. MS Word loses its Person Name smart tag, AutoSummary, support for WLL (Word Add-in Libraries), and Smart Tag auto recognition.
  2. PowerPoint loses its “Save As Web Page” feature.
  3. MS Access loses its calendar ActiveX control, data access pages, and replication conflict viewer.
  4. Office Outlook loses its ANSI offline Outlook data files for Exchange synchronization, Exchange 2000 connectivity, Exchange Message Security feature support, calendar rebasing tool, DAV connectivity for HTTP account types, and postmarks.
  5. Microsoft Publisher loses its ability to create new Web Publications.

Why buy Office 2010?

After pinpointing what Office 2010 has and doesn’t have, is it worth purchasing it over the old, reliable Office 2007? Here are the three reasons why I think Office 2010 is a good buy:

1.    All that you loved in Microsoft just got better. You can now collaborate with friends as you co-author a Word file, PowerPoint presentation, Excel sheet or OneNote notebook. This is very helpful when trying to beat a deadline for a team document, report or presentation. You can share files and work on the same files without being physically together. You can now co-author a Word document with your international colleague in Asia or Europe without leaving the US. Amazing, don’t you think?

Everything is updated including your trustworthy Excel. For instance, you may now filter and segment your PivotTable data in multiple layers. This significantly cuts your time in formatting and gives you more time analyzing the data.

Also, using web apps, you can store your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files online to be accessed, viewed, or edited by your Asian or European team members from where they are. Another app, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, allows you to access, view and edit your files from your computer at several locations because the app automatically syncs your files.

2.    It has better graphic designs and design options that could keep you engaged for hours; it allows you to be more expressive and creative with your presentations and ideas. You’ll find yourself experimenting with the new picture formatting tools that rival Adobe programs. There are artistic effects, customizable themes and graphic layouts so that as you open your notebook or desktop, you are welcomed by your very own creative design.

You are also equipped to create beautiful PowerPoint presentations with new fade styles and effects that will blow your mind. You can insert or embed videos from your files and share your presentations without needing to manage separate media files.

3.    The new Office lets you access your emails, meetings or attachments quicker and more conveniently. You can use the Outlook 2010 Social Connector as a hub for all your teammates, contacts, clients, friends or family. To put it simply, you are better and more quickly connected to the world. You can now broadcast your PowerPoint presentation to people away from you, away from the US, and whether or not they have PowerPoint in their computers or not. This means that as you make the presentation from your desk in New York, your client or friend in Tokyo can see it live.

Outlook 2010 also allows you to streamline our inbox so that you can more efficiently manage your emails by categorizing, prioritizing and filing.
In addition to these three reasons, Office 2010 has the new Microsoft Office Backstage that took the place of the usual File menu. Office Backstage places all your files, tasks and commands in one place for quicker and better access. In short, the new Office is more convenient and easily managed.

Money Talk
Word 2010 costs $139.99 for one user, Outlook 2010 $139.99 for one user, Access 2010 $139.99, OneNote 2010 $79.99, Excel 2010 $139.99, PowerPoint 2010 $139.99, Publisher 2010 $139.99, and Visio 2010 (Standard) for $249.95, (Professional) $249.95, or (Premium) $999.99.

* As of July 2011, 100 million licenses have been sold!

Finally, Microsoft Office 2010 specs:
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or 2003 R2, Vista, XP
Platform: Intel x86 32-bit and 64-bit
Type: Office Suite
License: Business, Commercial