Microsoft Access 2010

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Microsoft Access Product Description:

Microsoft Access is specifically designed to help professional and non-professional database manager in making the most of the information they have on the computer. This version of access is simpler and much easier to use than its predecessors because of the newly added features and improved interface it now has. People will surely love the Microsoft Access.

Product Features

  • Office themes that can be used to create informative and professional forms and reports.
  • Linked information and multiple data connection features which integrate the reports that will be created more.
  • Pre-built database templates that can help new database manager in much faster and easier use of Access.
  • Improved Expression Builder that can aid in faster and easier building of logic in the database.
  • Ready-to-use-templates that will allow users to tract inventory, data trends, and customer information quickly.
  • Web database connection from Microsoft’s SharePoint which offers to user a new way to connect data and a quicker way to access them.
  • IntelliSense in Expression Builder that add extra atomization to the creation of complex expression without writing a line of code.
  • Personal customization of the Ribbon tools and management of database route that makes access of database a lot easier.
  • Reusable components and out-of-the-box templates which gives additional simplicity to the creation and management of the databases.

The 2010 version of Microsoft Access not only improved on the capability of the previous version, but also integrates new features on it. Those upgrades can surely help a lot of people on their database management tasks.

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