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Special Offer: MetaProducts announces the holiday season promotion - Buy one, get one free!

They gift the second license for each product purchased during this period, until December 31. The promotion applies to single-license purchases only.

Discount Code: no coupon needed.

Expire: December 31, 2012.

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Discount on Internet Collection
Price (25% OFF)
MetaProducts Internet Collection $ 157.95 118.46 $39.49

Control All Files and Web Sites Downloading Jobs with Internet Collection

Internet Collection is a 2-in-1 pack product that helps you download any of the available websites and your needed files easily. The product includes the award winning website downloader Offline Explorer and the speedy downloader of any files, Mass Downloader.

Mass Downloader makes it easy for you to download many files at a time with the highest speed available. Select the specific files you only need to download in rar or zip files for quick loading. Its stream protocols have complete technical support so you can download video streams in the fastest way possible. Offline Explorer on the other hand is a ZDNet 5-star winner. When installed, it is possible to download unlimited websites and specific files, directories and servers using simple keywords. Once download is complete, you can edit, view, search and browse the websites offline.

Be in control of all your downloading jobs may it be a website, an audio, a video, or any file with Internet Collection. Get this awesome product and make any of your downloading jobs easy, swiftly, and more importantly, one where you can save more money.


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Discount on Mass Downloader
Price (25% OFF)
MetaProducts Mass Downloader $ 19.95 14.96 $4.99

Mass Downloader – The Perfect Tool for a Speedy Downloading of Files

If you love and need to download many files, audios, or videos at a time, Mass Downloader is all you need to finish the job quickly.

Mass downloader allows you to download any type of files at top speed available. When internet connection is suddenly cut-off, you don’t need to start downloading all over again because Mass Downloader is equipped with download resume feature. You can also browse zip and rar files before downloading so you can freely choose the only files you want to download. It is equipped with internal FTP browser. Download files from protected web sites (HTTPS), Microsoft Media and Real stream servers, and any FTP servers because mass downloader supports all these servers. You can integrate Mass Downloader in different browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Netscape, Flock browsers, and SeaMonkey.

Mass Downloader is equipped with all the features needed by anyone to experience speedy downloading. It also features a user interface that can be easily configured. This downloader is designed such that you can manage all downloading jobs with ease and comfort.


MetaProducts Offline Explorer Discount Coupon Code

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Discount on Offline Explorer
Price (25% OFF)
MetaProducts Offline Explorer $ 59.95 44.96 $14.99
MetaProducts Offline Explorer Pro $ 149.95 112.46 $37.49
MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise $ 599.95 449.96 $149.99
Offline Explorer Pro upgrade from Offline Explorer $ 90 67.50
Upgrade to Offline Explorer Enterprise $ 450 337.50 $102.50

Get Offline Explorer to Enjoy Offline Browsing through Your Favorite Websites

There are times when we need to browse through some websites but aren’t able to do so because we are not connected to the internet. Worry no more because Offline Explorer will make it possible for you to browse through your favorite websites without internet connection.

Offline Explorer is awarded the ZDnet 5-star because it is equipped with features that allow you to download unlimited numbers of websites with ease and speed. It is known to be the fastest downloading software of HTTPS and FTP web sites. There is ease of use since Offline Explorer is designed with an exceptional user interface. The software supports any standard technologies of the industry such as varying proxy servers, FTP, VB and Java scripts, Macromedia Flash, CSS, XML/XSL/DTD, Acrobat, and other format that we frequently or rarely use. Offline Explorer also showcases the export feature which allows the user to copy any of the downloaded sites in a different location in any format. You have the freedom to select specific websites, files, or directories to download by using keywords.

Keep a copy of the websites you’re working on in a hard disk, a DVD, a CD, or any available media and continue browsing, editing, viewing, or searching websites offline.


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